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Oak Bookshelf, Mantel, and Dresser Makeover

Every December and January we take a look at the past year to see what you guys are loving and want more of. Without a doubt, our makeovers are one of your favorites.  Especially anything involving 1980’s oak.  Why was that such a hot thing then I wonder?  It really wasn’t ever a good ... READ the POST

My Obsession with Vintage & Painted Furniture

It's true. If I won the lottery tonight, I wouldn't decorate any other way. I opened my first shop in July of 2008 packed full of furniture I had painted. I had actually started out in 2000 selling at a shop in downtown Romeo. Prior to that, I decorated my entire house with vintage furniture, ... READ the POST

What Color Should I Paint This Dresser (or whatever) ?

Honestly, when I first started painting furniture and stuff, that was my biggest road block. I would sit and stare at it and hope something hit me. NOW, I'm older and wiser. Older, for sure, and if not wiser, I just have found what works well. My own rule of thumb is paint larger furniture a ... READ the POST

To Paint or Not to Paint…That is the Question

What is the answer?? IS that a question that you find yourself asking yourself?? What do you answer yourself? Honestly, I think most people think we paint EVERYTHING. We really don't. Admittedly, we DO paint a lot of furniture. That's because I buy a lot of furniture that is in really ... READ the POST

The Painting of the Furniture Begins

Linda has been having fun getting familiar with our new Wise Owl products. Linda has been painting up a storm already. I'm not there yet. Soon, though. I have some pieces patiently waiting in my garage at home for me to get started. This traditional, early American style chest is still in the ... READ the POST

Surprise, Surprise…Are you Ready??

Remember those boxes we posted about a little while ago? I told you the contents were going to be a surprise. Are you ready to read what's in them? I sure hope so because we have a whole new line EXCLUSIVELY in our online shop that we are ready to share with you. What do you think?? ... READ the POST


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