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It’s Garage Sale Season! A Few Tips For Making the Most of Your Finds

Like I keep telling Howard, I'm not a hoarder. He disagrees, but, really, I'm just creative. Sadly, this is my garage. I see potential in just about everything I see. Time to face the facts now, though. I simply don't have the time to save everything I see. As my business has grown these ... READ the POST

Project Overload! Where do I begin?

I'm a fine one to ask! I have more projects overloading my life than just about anyone I know. It's a curse of being creative. The electrician calls it being a hoarder. He doesn't get it. He doesn't see potential in everything he comes across either. Our storage room at the mill is packed to ... READ the POST

To Paint or Not to Paint…That is the Question

What is the answer?? IS that a question that you find yourself asking yourself?? What do you answer yourself? Honestly, I think most people think we paint EVERYTHING. We really don't. Admittedly, we DO paint a lot of furniture. That's because I buy a lot of furniture that is in really ... READ the POST

Really Rad Room Re-Do

It's been a different summer hasn't it? Instead of planning multiple get aways like I normally do, I have been working on my much neglected house. We started with some inexpensive projects during quarantine. I'm trying to keep with that same mind set. Simple, yet chic. I started cleaning the ... READ the POST


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