• One Hour Enamel Paint


    One hour enamel paint from Wise Owl. One Hour Enamel Paint is a total game-changer for both professionals and DIYers alike! With its built-in Satin topcoat, this quick cure formula knocks out projects in record time. It is available in many inspiring colors that can be used for a number of different paint techniques. Colors will vary depending on your screen settings.

  • 2″ Palm Brush


    Everyone’s fave salve and wax brush (great for hemp oil too!

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  • 1.5″ Micro Angled Brush


    Wood handled 1.5 inch micro angled premium paint brush

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  • 1.5″ Flat Brush


    Wood handled 1.5 inch flat premium paint brush

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  • 1.5″ Round Brush


    This is an ideal salve brush! Use for applying waxes and furniture salve.

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  • 1″ Round Brush


    Wood handled 1 inch round premium paint brush

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  • 1.5″ Oval Brush


    Wood handled 1.5 inch oval premium paint brush

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  • Furniture Salve


    Our Furniture Salve is often called “magic in a tin can”, and for good reason!  Our hugely popular and celebrated all-natural Furniture Salve is hemp oil and wax-based without nasty fillers or solvents. With salve, you can revive, rejuvenate, and protect/seal all in one easy, safe step! Furniture Salve has endless applications and is available in a variety of scents, including unscented.  You can use over raw or stained wood, seal Chalk Synthesis Paint with it, renew leather, polish furniture, and all of your stainless-steel appliances (don’t forget your kitchen sink!), clear up foggy headlights, and even shine up old vinyl in cars.

    Apply with our premium 2 inch round brush, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then use a lint-free cloth to easily buff away the excess.

  • Wood Sideboard with Metal Top



    This sideboard/small buffet is a new piece; not vintage. It would of course make the perfect buffet, especially for a smaller space. It also makes the perfect bar, coffee bar, or tv stand. The entire thing is wood, except for the metal top. There are two doors on either side and two small drawers in the center. It gives the impression that there are four drawers but there’s one on top and another on the bottom. It measures 45″ L x 17″ W x 32.5″ H.

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