• Furniture Stripper


    An all-natural eco-friendly furniture Stripper that actually works! This stripper comes in a half gallon (64 ounces). Green EZ Furniture Strip is a proprietary, extremely effective, environmentally friendly compound that combines powerful coatings and adhesive removal action without fumes or dangerous chemicals. We also have the furniture finishing cleaner that you’ll want to grab, too. Click here for that one.

    The low VOC soybean oil-based stripping formula will quickly remove multiple layers of paint and varnish without harsh odors and chemicals. Make sure to shake and/or mix well before use.

    As with all strippers and cleansers, a mask and gloves are recommended. Please note that the degreaser is strong and will remove paint from surfaces so use with caution around your finished inventory.

    * water dispersible, non-caustic, solvent-free formulation
    * made from sustainable resources using green technology
    * dissolves adhesives, sealers, paint, and coatings
    * delayed dry time allows for easier application and handling
    * semi gel consistency facilitates a vertical application
    * user and eco-friendly formula
    * No hazmat shipping con concerns
    * Please note it is always best practice to use a respirator & gloves when stripping paint or varnish

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