• Spring Nest


    Gathered grasses and twigs wind together to form a replica bird’s nest – an adorable decorative item for Easter and spring celebrations. Garnished with faux eggs and encompassed by natural-looking branches, it is a perfect embellishment springtime bouquet.


    Please note, The bird’s nest you receive will vary slightly in appearance as each piece is unique. Eggs are attached to the nest.

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  • Hand-Stamped Mug with Floral Pattern, 4 Styles


    Enjoy sitting in a comfortable chair looking out over the landscape with the aroma of a hot drink drifting from one of these hand-stamped stoneware mugs. Each has a different floral pattern and color scheme. Holds 12 oz.

    Pink flower w/ stem

    Pink Round flower

    Blue Flower w/ stem

    Horizontal vine pattern

    Ivory background