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Oak Bookshelf, Mantel, and Dresser Makeover

Every December and January we take a look at the past year to see what you guys are loving and want more of. Without a doubt, our makeovers are one of your favorites.  Especially anything involving 1980’s oak.  Why was that such a hot thing then I wonder?  It really wasn’t ever a good ... READ the POST

5 Stylish Storage Ideas to Use in Your Home Decor

When I hear the words “home storage and organization” my mind automatically pictures “ugly,” as in plastic stackable storage bins.  Or “complicated” and “expensive,” as in “now I have to spend a lot of money to have built-in bookshelves” or closet organizers. Plastic bins are great for ... READ the POST

How to Decorate Your Wintery Entryway

I don’t know why the post-Christmas pre-Spring/Easter decor seems to be the most difficult to tackle?  It’s kind of like that week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  You know when you have no idea what day it is or what you’re supposed to be doing? I feel like winter is kind of like ... READ the POST

5 Super Simple Fall Porch Decor Ideas

We've got all the ideas for you to make your fall porch decor just as amazing as the fall decor on the inside of your home! When you're decorating your home for fall, don't forget about your porch decor. I think the porch is my most favorite part of fall decorating, actually. Or any season for ... READ the POST

Our Top Five Favorite Farmhouse Fall Decor Looks

Today, as I write this, it's 90 degrees and extremely humid. Our hottest weekend in Michigan so far this year. So, what better time to cover five different farmhouse fall decor looks that you can create in your own home? Please join me as I lay out some 2021 fall farmhouse decor trends and ... READ the POST

6 Dorm Ideas to Make Your Space Super Cozy & Cute

Let's create a cozy & cute dorm room! It's that time again....time to head off to school. Crazy, but true! Do you need some decorating ideas to make that dorm more cute and cozy?? If so, we can help! Get ready, we are diving into some of our favorite dorm decorating tips. Create a Study ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Create a Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

We're enjoying the last few weeks of summer around here! And what better way to do it than with some outdoor entertaining. How many of you live in the Midwest or other northern states? We know we have to hunker down soon, right? So let's make the most of what's left of summer! Although we have to ... READ the POST

Our 1843 Historic Mill

I started this journey called self-employment 13 years ago. Actually, I started it over 20 years ago, but I opened my very first shop on July 8, 2008 in downtown Lake Orion. I was in 6 different locations (not counting the many booth locations!) before I landed in Almont. I met Deb and moved ... READ the POST

My Obsession with Vintage & Painted Furniture

It's true. If I won the lottery tonight, I wouldn't decorate any other way. I opened my first shop in July of 2008 packed full of furniture I had painted. I had actually started out in 2000 selling at a shop in downtown Romeo. Prior to that, I decorated my entire house with vintage furniture, ... READ the POST

It’s Garage Sale Season! A Few Tips For Making the Most of Your Finds

Like I keep telling Howard, I'm not a hoarder. He disagrees, but, really, I'm just creative. Sadly, this is my garage. I see potential in just about everything I see. Time to face the facts now, though. I simply don't have the time to save everything I see. As my business has grown these ... READ the POST

Southern Charm & Architecture

There's nothing like seeing something new to get you all inspired. When I mentioned to a friend that we were heading to Myrtle Beach, she suggested that we make a side trip to Charleston. Boy! Am I glad that she did. Amazing. I'm a sucker for great architecture. (If it wasn't for all of that ... READ the POST

Project Overload! Where do I begin?

I'm a fine one to ask! I have more projects overloading my life than just about anyone I know. It's a curse of being creative. The electrician calls it being a hoarder. He doesn't get it. He doesn't see potential in everything he comes across either. Our storage room at the mill is packed to ... READ the POST

Picking a Color Scheme for Outdoors

Yes, just like you do inside. Why? When I take a walk around my neighborhood, I notice some people have a nice cohesive look while others have flowers, pots, and porch furniture in every color of the rainbow. Most of the time, it's not a good look. I get it. ALL of the colors are so pretty. ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space as Cozy as Your Indoor Space…in under an hour!

I'm positive you can decorate your outdoor space in well under an hour once you know what to do. I promise, it will even look great. Start off by arranging your furniture in groupings, like you would in your house. How are you going to use that grouping? A conversation space? You can ... READ the POST

Tips for Bringing Your Indoor Decor Outdoors

Do you know how easy it is to bring your indoor decor outdoors? It is always my goal to make my outdoor space as special as my indoor rooms. Wise Owl Varnish Yes, that's your answer! Our varnish comes in both a satin and matte finish. A few coats of either will go a long way to preserve ... READ the POST

So How Long Should My Table Runner Be?

I have to say, this is one of my most frequently asked questions at the market. We always have several styles available at various lengths. Putting a different runner on your table is a super easy and inexpensive way to change up your look. The good news is, whatever YOU like is the answer. I ... READ the POST

What is the Difference Between Vintage & Boho?

In a word...Nothing. Really, vintage is another word for old. Like, 20 years old, but not older than 100 years old. Once you hit 100 years, you're talking antique. To me, Boho is just a specific style of vintage. 1960s and 1970s primarily, but with a bit of a modern twist. In my last blog, ... READ the POST

How Do I Decorate Using What I Already Have??

You might be asking yourself this question. Or saying to yourself, "Self, I really want to go to Chic Antiques' upcoming market, but what do I really need?". I have stuff...and I still like it. Well, first of all, if we only bought what we NEED, we would only buy food and toilet paper. Clothes ... READ the POST

What to Paint (and NOT paint!) with One Hour Enamel

Did you see my blog about our sign that is coming soon? In that blog, I shared that we are using our Wise Owl One Hour Enamel. Turns out, that's NOT a good idea. Upon further research, I found out that this paint is not for wood that is going to be outside. It is a super hard enamel finish that ... READ the POST

We are Finally Going to Have a Sign! Some day..

How many businesses operate without having a sign? I had a store in Oxford for 6 years, the first 4 years we were sign-less. When I moved into the mill, Deb had a sign that read, "The Mill" out front. The Mill was the name of her business for over 25 years. When I moved in, we were Chic Antiques ... READ the POST

To Paint or Not to Paint…That is the Question

What is the answer?? IS that a question that you find yourself asking yourself?? What do you answer yourself? Honestly, I think most people think we paint EVERYTHING. We really don't. Admittedly, we DO paint a lot of furniture. That's because I buy a lot of furniture that is in really ... READ the POST

Why I LOVE Me Some Painted Furniture.

Ever since we signed up as Wise Owl Paint distributors, we have really amped up our painting around here. Also, ever since I bought the mill in January, we have actually had a dedicated work space to do so. More on what else has changed at the mill soon. Don’t worry, it’s ALL good. Except that we ... READ the POST

The Painting of the Furniture Begins

Linda has been having fun getting familiar with our new Wise Owl products. Linda has been painting up a storm already. I'm not there yet. Soon, though. I have some pieces patiently waiting in my garage at home for me to get started. This traditional, early American style chest is still in the ... READ the POST

Surprise, Surprise…Are you Ready??

Remember those boxes we posted about a little while ago? I told you the contents were going to be a surprise. Are you ready to read what's in them? I sure hope so because we have a whole new line EXCLUSIVELY in our online shop that we are ready to share with you. What do you think?? ... READ the POST

A Purple Velvet Couch??? With Vintage Furniture Yet…

Yes, I just bought a brand new, purple velvet couch. And, yes, I have it mixed in with all of my vintage finds in my living room. I have to say, I really do love it. Of course, purple IS my favorite color. I love all colors, but dark purple and black have always been near and dear to my ... READ the POST

Spring is Springing Up at My House

Have you been reading my blogs? If you have, you saw that I'm getting Spring Fever. I decided to start rearranging my furniture in several rooms. I also received a shipment of Chic Antiques inventory to my house instead of the shop. Happy accident, I'd say. Unpacking all of those fun ... READ the POST

A Dresser, another Dresser and A Bench…before & after the paintbrush

I started painting furniture before Joanna Gaines was born, I think. My grandma actually was painting furniture long before I was born, too. I remember that we had an old bookcase that had seen better days in our living room. My mom was going to give it to our church rummage sale. She gave ... READ the POST

Spring Fever…Have You Caught it Yet??

The sun is showing itself more often, the snow is melting, and the temperatures are rising, yay! I get the itch to make some changes at home at this time of year more than other time of year. Maybe because it's so ugly outside now with all of the mud and such. Maybe it's the anticipation of ... READ the POST

A Few Favorites

Our upcoming market sure is upcoming quickly! I'm taking a little break from unpacking and pricing to share some of my favorite things that I will be bringing in new for this time around. You do know that we ALWAYS have new things each and every market, right? I feel like some of you don't ... READ the POST

You Light Up My Life…& a Few Other Fun Things

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already less than 6 weeks away?? 2020 has gone by so slowly...yet so quickly. I don't think I've ever been this anxious for a year to just go away completely. So...with that being said, I'm still going to make every effort to make this year a good one. On ... READ the POST

Whole House Makeover

The electrician (my husband, Howard) and I "flipped" a house Ala Chip & Joanna style. Sort of. Howard is pretty darn handy, even beyond doing all things electrical. We, and by we, I mean Howard, and our sons Kyle and Ian took the entire house down to the studs. I was the design consultant ... READ the POST

Ugly 1980’s Fireplace Makeover

I have learned quite a few things while in quarantine. The first thing is, I learned how to spell quarantine. I don't think I have ever had to use the word before now. I have also learned many things about myself, too: 1) I have WAY more stuff than I ever realized. I've been going through all ... READ the POST

Oak Bookshelf Makeover

Some of you may have seen my recent video on styling my husband's office bookshelves. What you may not have seen, is the "before". Like all of the wood in our 1988 contemporary style home, they were the very popular "golden oak." Everything about this room needs a makeover. As we are ... READ the POST

How to Style Office Built-Ins

If you are like me, you want EVERYTHING in your house to be aesthetically pleasing. For me, this includes my husband's office. Which left to his own devices, would not be. I guess I wouldn't care so much if his office was hidden away in the basement or something. But it's not. If you ever come ... READ the POST

Behind the Scenes: November Market

It never fails - at every single market we're asked what we do all month. Despite what you may think, we don't just work three days a month ;) Wouldn't that be nice? Luckily we love what we do but a LOT of hard work goes into every single market. Here's just a glimpse of what goes on before we open ... READ the POST

Throw Pillows

The obsession is real. We have SO many awesome pillows right now, we wanted to give you a peek. Both Christmas and not, take a gander to see what's in store. These next few pillows are great for everyday; especially to mix and match with your holiday pillows that will be coming into the ... READ the POST

Guest Blogger: Kara

Last week my mom took you on a tour of her kitchen - now I'll take you on a little tour of my kitchen. We thought it would be fun to show you mine, too, since we recently renovated it. Our color scheme is the opposite but mine is also on the smaller side. Actually, our houses are pretty pretty ... READ the POST

So What Do We Do All Month You Ask???

Honestly, that is the question I get asked most often during the markets. The short answer is work...yes, I'm back at the mill Monday morning! Several more times during the week each week as well. Monday is the day that I am at mill with my work crew. A different crew actually works the sale. ... READ the POST

Please Allow me to Introduce Myself

My name is Lori. I've been called a head banging Martha Stewart. I like it. Basically, because it sums up my personality pretty well, all in one sentence. If you are a fellow Rolling Stones fan, you might have noticed that I took the title to this blog out of one of their songs. I'll let you ... READ the POST


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