5 Tips for a Quick and Easy Bedroom Makeover

Happy New Year!  It’s a brand new year full of possibilities, changes, memories, and redecorating!  I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions…I don’t really make…

Happy New Year!  It’s a brand new year full of possibilities, changes, memories, and redecorating!  I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions…I don’t really make them.  This year, however, I have set the goal of organization!  Organization for both my personal life and business.  So, I’m leaning into my goal and starting with my bedroom.  I’m sharing 5 simple ways to makeover your master bedroom to include some savvy storage solutions for better organization!

Here’s the before picture for reference!

Change Out the Pillows and Throws

When you’re tired of the same old same, making simple changes can make a huge difference.  I decided to give my room a Romantic Boho look and began by changing out the duvet cover, and throw blanket, and by adding some new decorative pillows.

Since it is winter, I went with a soft gray duvet cover.  

Side Note: I pulled the cover out of the linen closet and it was a wrinkled mess…so I tried a tip I read online and IT WORKED!  You put your wrinkled whatever in the dryer with a few ice cubes for 10 minutes, and all of the wrinkles disappear. The steam from the ice cubes takes the wrinkles right out. 

The fringed pillows and throw add to the Boho vibe with their textured fabric and simple geometric designs.

Lighting Updates

Changing lamps or light fixtures are also a great way to change the look of a space.  I kept the same lighting fixtures in the room and just moved them around.  There is no outlet on one side of my bed, so I moved away a lamp from there at added height with vases and faux greenery.  Bedside tables don’t have to match (you can see mine don’t) and what’s on top of them doesn’t have to match either.  I balanced the bedside tables with similar heights but didn’t worry about matching lamps!

Clear Away Clutter with Storage Solutions

Just like all spaces, the master bedroom is no different.  Clutter happens there too!  I have chosen to incorporate some stylish solutions for storage. 

Here I’m using a wicker basket for extra blankets and I brought in some canisters too.  The canisters would make great storage options for nightstand essentials like hair ties, lotion, glasses, remotes, etc.  I’ve also chosen a painted nightstand with drawers for more “out of sight” storage. 

Incorporating Natural Elements into Your Master Bedroom

I love adding natural elements into any space and the natural pieces also tie into my Boho chic inspiration.

Note the inclusion of wicker mats on the wall (placemats aren’t just for the dining room) and the live edge wooden vase with a faux snake plant on the nightstand.  The varying textures add an extra level of interest in a space.  

I also brought in artwork portraying flowers in a natural wood frame. 

Just Relax!

What good is a master bedroom if it’s not a space you can relax in?  The final touch is a dough bowl candle in my favorite scent.  Hopefully, these tips for redesigning your bedroom will help you create a space you love and one that brings you peace.  

Here’s the official after photo!  What do you think of the updates? 

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