Christmas Traditions and Holiday Memories

The Christmas rush is on and I am certainly mixed up in all the holiday shuffle.  But as I reflect on the year and prepare…

The Christmas rush is on and I am certainly mixed up in all the holiday shuffle.  But as I reflect on the year and prepare for the season – I wanted to take time to remember and share some traditions and memories I hold dear.  I also want to clear up any misgivings you might have about my home being beautifully decorated and festive!

Holiday Traditions

When my kids were little, the Christmas season wasn’t complete without a photo with Santa!  I would take my 4 kiddos to Canterbury Village (a tourist destination in our town featuring a Christmas store and small shops) for a photo with Santa. 

Here is Ian age 23, Kara, age 19, Erin age 16, and Kyle age 13 on Santa’s lap.  The other picture is taken about 11 years prior at our home.  

I look forward to carrying on this tradition with my granddaughter Junie!

Favorite Meals

As a child, a German meal was often on the table on Christmas Day.  My grandparents were from Germany and my great-grandmother, whom I called Oma, was very special to me.  We’d share sauerkraut and knockwurst, pickled herring, and German potato salad.  My favorite dish was and still is…Rouladen!  I’ve shared the recipe below!  Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Here I am with my Oma and brother. I’m wearing a purple dress she made for me. Purple has been my favorite color forever!
My loved short hair! It wasn’t until I could voice my opinion that I got to grow it longer.

I love creating memories around the table and about 30 years ago, I started the holiday tradition of a themed Christmas Eve Dinner!  The meal would reflect that year’s theme.  I’ve done a Jewish Christmas Eve dinner with latkes and kugel, a Charles Dickens meal with stuffed goose and chestnuts, and a Little House on the Prairie dinner using all recipes from a cookbook by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Christmas dishes I use every year!

Side note…this year, my family and I haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.  Maybe that will be this year’s Christmas Eve Dinner theme – THANKSGIVING!

Holiday Decorating

Obviously, I love decorating!  I have a few staples that I love putting out every year and I really love to incorporate vintage pieces.  
One of the first decorations I put out every year is my Precious Memories Nativity.  My very first job at 18 was across the street from a Hallmark store.  The nativity set was $98 and I put it on layaway.  I moved out of my parent’s home 2 years later and I have put it out in my home every year since.  I am going to hit some antique shops soon, I am on the hunt for the 3 wise men that go with this set. 

While you’re out shopping, let me know if you see the Precious Moments Wisemen that go with this set!

This Christmas towel has also been around for a while!  I bought it 15 years ago and hang it up year after year.  I think it sums up my family perfectly!

‘Tis the Season – Real Life Edition

Whenever I’m in the store, without fail, one of our amazing customers will comment – “I wish I could see your house!  I bet it’s gorgeous!” 

While I appreciate the compliment, I’m here to set the record straight –  My house is not a beautifully curated space.  I spend so much time decorating at the shop that my house looks more like a warehouse.  I have one ornament on my tree so far.  The lights and beads are falling off and my Merry Christmas sign has been hanging by one thread for weeks – sort of like me.  

Part of this overwhelming feeling is why in 2023 Chic Antiques Market is going back to our old model of being open just once a month.  I want to be able to be the best version of myself and offer you my best and I need more time to do that.  What’s not changing is our offering of amazing new, vintage and seasonal home decor and the online shop is always open.  In 2023, we’re also adding some new looks, classes, and events.  Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!

It’s been an amazing year -thank you friends for your support!  I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday!

Rouladen Recipe


1 ½ pounds flank steak

German stone ground mustard, to taste

½ pound thick sliced bacon

2 large onions, diced

1 (16 ounces) jar of dill pickles, diced

2 tablespoons butter

2 ½ beef broth


Cut the flank steak into thin filets; about 1/4 inch thick and 3 inches wide. 

Cook the bacon in a skillet, remove the bacon, and sautee onions in bacon grease

Generously spread one side of each filet with mustard to taste. Place bacon, onions, and pickles on each filet and form into a roll. Use string or toothpicks to hold the roll together. 

Melt butter in the skillet with bacon grease Place the rolls in and saute until browned. 

Pour in 2 1/2 beef broth, cover, and Simmer the rolls for about an hour. You can also do this last step in the crockpot on low for several hours.

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