Happy Father’s Day

When I first started my business, I had NO CLUE what all was involved!  I just knew that I loved to decorate.  It’s kind of…

When I first started my business, I had NO CLUE what all was involved!  I just knew that I loved to decorate.  It’s kind of that way with most things in life…isn’t it?  I had no idea what motherhood and marriage were really all about when I first started on those journeys either.

Starting Out

I was married at 20 and had 3 children by the time I was 28.  I also found myself divorced by age 28.  My first husband left when my daughter, Erin, was born.  

Being a working single mom of 3 young children was definitely a struggle. But it’s part of my journey and maybe a story for another time.  Today, I want to focus on the men in my life and celebrate Father’s Day.

Here are 2 of my favorite dads.  That’s my dad with my husband Howard. My dad passed 4 years ago this month, not too long after Father’s Day that year.  This picture was taken just a year or so before that. 

A New Family is Born

Maybe you saw mentioned on Facebook, that Howard and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary on Tuesday?  Howard became an instant father on our wedding day 25 years ago and he has never looked back.  We got married on Friday the 13th, the day after school let out that year.  We drove to Toledo’s courthouse that morning, took the kids to McDonald’s for lunch, and hit the Toledo Zoo.

This was in the pre-cell phone days.  I did manage to remember my camera before we headed out.  These are the only photos I took that day.

Howard and I decided to add to our little family soon after we got married.  I told Howard, it was now or never.  I had no intention of getting everyone off to school and then starting all over with a newborn.

So the following 4th of July, we welcomed our own firecracker, Brother Kyle.  

That’s our Kyle naked in the carrier for some reason while everyone else is dressed in their winter woolies.

No one considers brother Kyle as anything but their brother…he is never thought of as a “half” brother or whatever.  These 4 grew up together and bonded.

Howard went on to adopt my 3 kids as his own.  He has never called them anything other than his kids.

Now, he is very content to be “Opa” (German for Grandpa).

Kara and her husband, Kyle, welcomed Junie Amelia into our growing family on June 9th 

Take a peek at Facebook and Instagram for more pictures of our precious granddaughter.

We All Have a Story

It’s been a fulfilling 25 years.  Complete with plenty of challenges and struggles along with great joy.  I guess that’s why I wanted to share part of my story here today. We ALL have a story! 

Social media and blogs can be wonderful, but they can also be horrible.  Especially, if you find yourself in a not-so-great season of life.  There is no “right” way to create a family or become a dad. My goal is in some small way to offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration no matter what your story is. 

Happy Father’s Day!! 

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