Baby Nursery Decor Ideas and the Stories They Tell

Our friend and amazing nail tech, Brittany, recently shared that she is pregnant.  We are super excited for her!  I asked her if she had…

Our friend and amazing nail tech, Brittany, recently shared that she is pregnant.  We are super excited for her!  I asked her if she had thought about her nursery decor? It was fresh on my mind since I just helped Kara put the finishing touches on her nursery.  Brittany said something that I thought a lot of young moms might feel.  She said she wanted the nursery to look like the rest of her home, not super baby, “you know with ducks or whatever”.  I thought back to the nurseries I did for the kids, baby Mickey & Minnie, Pooh Bear…I thought they were super cute at the time, but I don’t think that is what anyone is doing anymore.  Here’s a tour of my new granddaughter’s nursery…perhaps you’ll find inspiration for ways to incorporate your home decor design into your newest family member’s nursery.

Nursey Decor a Reflection of Your Home

My daughter, Kara, definitely followed her home design aesthetic of vintage chic with boho charm when creating her daughter’s nursery. I think she did an amazing job of keeping the vintage vibe and overall look of her home in this room.

Kara chose a very non-traditional black metal crib.  If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we think adding black to any space is a good idea!  This crib is such a great option for a gender-neutral nursery. 

Continuing on our nursery tour…the rocking chair.  Don’t you love the rocking chair she chose?  I don’t know why, but my generation felt the need to use a rocker that you wouldn’t put in any other room in your home.  However, I would put this rocking chair anywhere in my home!

Notice the adorable throw pillows?  Kara has them layered,  just like she does on her couch in the living room.  The large one has the perfect boho feel with some great texture.  My mom, baby Junie’s great-grandmother, bought the “Mommy & Daddy” pillow.  

This brings me to another key element to decorating any room, not just a nursery.  Personal touches.  Kara has meaningful pieces tucked away all over Junie’s room and each of these pieces tells a story.

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Memories and Stories

I bought these sweet booties at Town Hall Antique Mall in Romeo at Christmas time.  At that time, I thought they would make a special ornament on their tree.  Now, Kara has hung them here on the dresser she bought from Denise @sparkly pig.  The dresser is serving double duty as a changing table, too.

In addition, more sentimental items on this black metal and wood shelf.  I also love that Kara used more black metal here, too.  It balances the black metal crip and brings in a bit more of a boho feel with the vintage. Upon a closer look on the shelf, you’ll find husband Kyle’s/Daddy Kyle’s bronzed baby shoes with some super cute vintage books.  Kara also added a vintage “8” block because Kara & Kyle were married on October 8th.

Finally, the vintage Kewpie figurine was in the floral arrangement that my dad bought my mom when I was born.  I had her on a shelf in my room growing up, and 55 years later she is sitting on Junie’s shelf.  Therefore, it seemed appropriate that I give the figurine to Kara & Kyle at their baby shower.   Since my dad passed in June of 2018 by giving them this gift meant I got to make him a part of that special day.

This little corner of the nursery has a few sentimental pieces, too. Kara bought the rabbit hook, hanging basket, flowers, and lavender bundle at the shop.  A friend of hers, Whitney, made the car seat blanket.  I had the Mama and baby seal in a curio cabinet while Kara was growing up and tucked in behind is the frame that my mom bought when she learned that Junie was coming.

Another tall, metal shelf is a great stylish storage piece.

Of course, meaningful items make this space special, too.  Believe it or not, a customer gave me this stained glass piece that her mother made years ago.  I bought this vintage stork at a garage sale years ago, too, knowing that someone would use it someday.  We actually used it as part of the baby shower decor.  Let’s not glance over these Converse shoes! They also were a gift from me. If I’m not wearing sandals or boots, I am wearing Converse.  I thought Junie needed a pink pair – now Oma and Junie can twin! We added some matching flowers from the other side of the room 

Some vintage finds and a few things from the shop pull the vintage boho look together.

We circle back to the crib as the nursery tour ends. Isn’t this decorative paper from Digs Consignment the perfect anchor for this side of the room? It was super easy to hang with just push pins, too. Junie’s other grandma (Myra, Kyle’s mom) and one of Kara’s friend’s mom made these 2 blankets hanging on the crib.  Neither of them consulted the other on colors.  I love how they coordinate so well together.  

What makes this nursery so special is each story and memory held within every piece.  I know that my granddaughter will feel so loved every time she’s in her vintage, boho chic nursery!

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  1. What a beautiful story Filled with so many special things can’t wait to meet that new little special one coming into all of your lives thanks for sharing

  2. Awww… the baby’s room is absolutely perfect. It feels so warm, inviting and you can feel the love!!

  3. I love, love, love the Nursery!! It is so special!! Every thing in it is so awesome! Junie is a very lucky girl ! 💜💜