Reflections, Road Trip, and Restoration

Our first Vendor Market just wrapped up at our second location in Imlay City.  Yes, I bought another mill that we lovingly call “The Grainery”…

Our first Vendor Market just wrapped up at our second location in Imlay City.  Yes, I bought another mill that we lovingly call “The Grainery” because I didn’t know how to spell it.  The Grainery was built in 1900, so it’s practically a NEW building compared to our 1843 mill that houses our retail store.  The “new to us” mill was a grain mill, so to avoid confusion, I named it The Grainery, which I later learned should have been spelled, “granary”.  Oh well.


A good time was had by all at our vendor event.  We learned a lot, too, and are looking forward to an even BETTER time at the next event in August.  The day after the Vendor Event Kara and I stood on the front porch for a photo.

Kara explained why the photo was taken the day after in our Instagram feed. Ultimately, instead of getting a photo of us looking put together in dresses, we went back today before the thunderstorm in our work shirts and sweaty hair. At least we have a photo to commemorate the event.

Don’t miss out on the future events planned at The Grainery this year! You can find that info here on our events page.

Road Trip & Restoration

Prior to the Vendor Market, Deb and I hit the road to Ohio. The catalyst to this road trip was an episode we recently watched of Restoration Road with Clint Harp. In this episode, they feature a renovated old grist mill turned event space.  This is exactly what I want to do with my Grainery Mill!  Our day in Utica, Ohio was a super gray and dreary day as you can see from the photos, but this didn’t spoil the fun.  

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go into the Mill Street event space, but we did peek into the windows.  Such an inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, our road trip also included The Rural Society.  It was an awesome vendor event not too far away. It is a working sheep farm and event space complete with a huge barn, greenhouse, gardens, and peacocks.

I guess I forgot to get a picture of the peacocks, but check out their page.  They share so many fabulous pictures.

The barn and grounds were packed with fantastic vendors.  I was speaking with a super friendly vendor whose booth I just loved.  I found out her name was Carrie, and I follow her on Instagram.

Again, these pictures aren’t the best.  It was another gray day, so the pictures are kind of dark.  Take a look at Carrie’s Instagram feed, The Cotton Shed.  You won’t be disappointed.

I’ll be sharing the adorable place we stayed along with a few wonderful restaurants we dined at in the near future.  In the meanwhile, I am completely inspired and have lots of work to do!!

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