Hello Spring! How to Design a Chic Spring Front Porch

It’s a few days after Easter and I decided that it was time to finally get some spring decor on my front porch.  I raided…

It’s a few days after Easter and I decided that it was time to finally get some spring decor on my front porch.  I raided the shop and brought home a few things.  I couldn’t decide on the look I wanted…super spring or more neutral???

Simple & Neutral Design

I started with neutral because that is more MY at-home style.

Yes, this IS my house.  While I am so very flattered every time someone says to me, “I would LOVE to see your house, I know it’s beautiful”, I always respond, “No, it really isn’t”, you can now see that I am not lying.  Did you notice the horribly ugly mismatched hardware on my front doors that are in desperate need of a paint job?  This is what happens when a contractor and designer are married to each other.  Nothing.  Nothing gets done at their house.

Ok, so, now that is out of the way, let’s take a look at the actual spring decor on the door and porch

Did you notice that rusty trunk?  I dragged that off of the curb a few years ago.  No one could get it to open, so I decided that it was the perfect piece to add to my porch.  My porch isn’t the biggest one in town for sure, but I still like to decorate it for the seasons.  Just like any other space that you are decorating, adding things with some personality will make your space look interesting and uniquely yours.

We live in the woods, so I love the natural, rustic look of the vase. I added an olive branch both for the greenery and I like its meaning of peace.  

I love the layered look in any situation.

I didn’t center this really well, but I think you get the idea.  The larger, jute rug checks all of the boxes here.  It’s neutral and adds some great texture.

Traditional Spring Look

Here’s the next look I’m considering.  I think this one is more of a traditional spring look. It’s still fairly neutral, but the colors are brighter and create a very springy front porch.

Did you happen to notice the SNOW in the reflection of the door….yes….it is currently 25 degrees here in Michigan on this beautiful spring morning.  

THIS was my yard the day after Easter, 2 short days ago.

I kept the “Welcome” sign that fills that space so nicely and also the jute indoor/outdoor rug.  I swapped out the black & white “Hello” mat for this super spring looking one

I like the way our lavender wreath coordinates with it.  To bring the look together, I added this basket with some more faux lavender to my rusty trunk.

After I put this together, I decided to use these same items in a more nontraditional way.

No Porch…No Worries

I was thinking what if I didn’t have a porch at all?  I would want to do something a little different, so I hung the basket on the door.  

Did you happen to notice my boots inside?  Yes, I was wearing my boots while decoding my porch for spring.  Then my feet got hot, and I finished while in my bare feet.  I didn’t realize they were in the shot until now. 

Anyway, what do you think??  I think you can decorate any door at any time.  Wouldn’t a wreath or basket be super cute on your interior doors, too???

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