How to Update your Kitchen for Spring

Who has spring fever?? I DO, I DO!! It is technically still winter, but personally, I am so over it.  Being a Michigan native, I…

Who has spring fever?? I DO, I DO!! It is technically still winter, but personally, I am so over it.  Being a Michigan native, I know that spring never just happens around here.  It just kind of slowly oozes in and I’m not waiting any longer. My home decor is shouting springtime, and it sprouted first in my KITCHEN!

A Few Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference.  

This is the look I started with in my kitchen.  Truth be told, it really isn’t my kitchen, it’s a vignette at the shop, but it COULD be in my kitchen.  I actually have no room for this in MY kitchen, but that’s another blog.  Either way, it’s pretty cute, right?  The three-tiered tray is great for adding vertical storage or display space to your counters. This look is very streamlined and neutral. I like it.

A kitchen look before adding some springtime style!

I updated this look for spring by changing out and adding a few things. Now let’s break down the elements I changed out or added.

A kitchen look with added springtime style!

Adding Greenery 

Nothing says spring like new green leaves or fresh stems peeking out of the ground! Take nature’s inspiration and add some greenery to your kitchen.

Fresh or Faux – Greenery is the way to go!
 Doesn’t that look more spring-like already?

Bringing in a POP of Color

Spring colors are the best! They’re so happy and brighten up any space. I added a pop of color to this kitchen vignette with this church canvas. First, I love the colors.  And second, I feel like doubles as Easter decor without REALLY being Easter decor.

Adding a pop of spring color.

I also brought in color by changing out the darker pot holder/trivets for the green and yellow ones because I love the way they coordinate with the canvas. Did you notice that I also changed out the towels in the wood box too? I chose them because they are black and white, which to me, is always in season. They also have a yellow trim, and are the perfect addition to our springtime kitchen look.

Don’t forget to check out the cute little bird cracker dish I added? I think it’s super cute and a great way to add a little spring to your kitchen decor.  It’s good for more than just crackers, too. 

Can you just imagine using this cute tray for your springtime gatherings?

I’m also loving the colors of these more spring-looking measuring cups.

These fun measuring cups would make a great bridal shower gift as well!

Another Spring Kitchen Look

I have been busy adding spring decor to all of our vignettes at the shop.  What do you think of this spring kitchen decor I’ve got going on upstairs?

Did you notice that I used those same measuring cups again?  

I have really emphasized yellow in this spring kitchen look. Yellow seems to be making a comeback, especially in the kitchen.  I love it.  It’s like a little bit of sunshine in your home.

The show stoppers in this kitchen look are definitely the vintage Fiestaware pitcher and vintage spice rack. Check out all the yellow -Milkglass with yellow lids and linen towels with lemons.  Visit us this weekend to shop this look and add these springtime gems to your kitchen decor. 

In conclusion, where ever you are in the world, if it is warm and sunny or it’s still snowing, spring doesn’t have to slowly trickle into your decor.  You can go full-on spring any time you want – right now even.  Spring looks good in EVERY room and it helps to boost my mood when it’s spring INSIDE my house even though it’s still snowing outside.

Show me how YOU are adding spring to your kitchen decor.

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