How to Change Out Your Home Decor With Pillows

Does anyone else struggle during the gray days of winter?  Are you bored with the same old same? One of my favorite ways to combat…

Does anyone else struggle during the gray days of winter?  Are you bored with the same old same? One of my favorite ways to combat the winter blues is to change out my home decor. An easy way to do this is with pillows!  And maybe a new throw…

Changing out throw pillows is a great way to update your home decor.

I am using a very awesome, and comfortable, vintage couch from the shop to demonstrate a few different color and style options for changing your look.  This first look is more of a “traditional” look.  Blue is a color that really never goes away in decor, but it is especially popular right now.  Additionally, I love how the plaid looks with the solid blue lumbar pillows.  I also added a matching plaid throw to add just a little more pattern to keep it interesting.

Don’t you love that subtle textured pattern on the blue pillows?

Did you notice the very subtle pattern on the pillow pillows, too?  I love that they add just a little more texture to the look.  Did you also notice the color of the couch?  It’s kind of gold with a cream pattern.  One of my “rules” of decor is to have neutral furniture.  Neutral doesn’t have to mean beige or gray.  There is nothing is wrong with beige or gray, however, I also consider this couch very neutral.

As I mentioned, blue is always a popular color choice.  Look what a difference a lighter shade of blue makes combined with cream on the very same couch.  In addition, I’m using a vintage chenille bedspread as a throw here.  Certainly, don’t be afraid to use something in a different way.  Moreover, the chenille also brings a new texture into the mix, too, that I really love.

What if blue isn’t your thing?  Another really “in” thing is a more monochromatic look.  I’m using the color of the couch to create that look.  Gold and mustard are also really trendy right now.  Most importantly, the key to making a monochromatic look work is adding in a lot of pattern and texture.  I love the fringe of the throw, it’s just a little extra something/something.

Look at this monochromatic option!

Boho is making quite the come back in design.  Changing up your pillows is a really easy way to ease into this look.  Or, just add a touch of the boho trend.  You never have to go “all-out” in a trend, but a little touch like adding on-trend pillows is a great way to keep your overall decor fresh.  The Pattern of the cream and gray pillows is what says “boho” to me.  The tassels help, too.  Velvet is a great boho texture to add as well.  I used that same awesome fringe throw in gray to play off of the gray in the pillows.

A Boho Chic inspired look.

Finally, the last look for our vintage couch.  Look how easy it is to transition from our boho look to “Spring”.  I changed out our “boho” pillows for just a cream pillow, with lots of great texture and tassels, and a rabbit pillow.  I kept the velvet green pillows because they are such a great color.  Isn’t it great that the wonderful fringe throw comes in a third color?  I love the color combo here.

I hope that you found this helpful and inspiring.  To sum it up, making your home “yours” doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating. Pick the colors, trends, or look that you love and run with it.

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