How to Make a Super Cute Coffee Bar

In-home coffee bars are all the rage right now.  And, why not?  Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?  If coffee isn’t “your cup…

In-home coffee bars are all the rage right now.  And, why not?  Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?  If coffee isn’t “your cup of tea”… then maybe a cup of tea is!  Just substitute the word “coffee” for “tea” throughout this post. Or even hot chocolate!

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Many of you will have a built-in counter in your kitchen that will work just fine for your coffee bar.  However, if you don’t have spare counter space, use another piece of home decor that you love.  Last week, I talked about how to start decorating when you didn’t know where to start.  I mentioned using an inspiration piece to help you get unstuck.  I used the example of our 1800’s hoosier as a perfect inspiration piece.  That same hoosier will also make an awesome coffee bar.  I also did a blog post about stylish storage.  I can’t think of a more stylish piece to use for storage in your kitchen than this vintage chic hoosier. Stop by The Mill this weekend to check out this beautiful cabinet.

Moving on, look how cute our vintage hoosier looks all decked out with all the essentials for a great coffee (and/or tea) bar!  I don’t think I have to tell you what to stock your coffee bar with.  However, what you might need help with though, is how to make it super cute.

Hoosier Cabinet turned SUPER cute Coffee Bar!

Whatever you are using for your coffee bar in your home, you want to keep in mind the “rules” for decorating.  I know, I keep telling you that there aren’t any rules, just use what you love.  Let’s call them guidelines instead.  Step one, is to keep in mind is, you don’t want everything all lined up.  Notice that I used one of our hand-crafted pedestals here to give a little height to our creamer and pinch pot.  I added our fun “Choose Happy” sign as a reminder of how to start the day.

Give your Coffee Bar some charm with a fun sign and whimsical pieces.

Second, change the packaging, there is no need to keep everything in the boring vessel it came in.  Remember, we’re creating a fun and inviting coffee bar.  Aren’t these coffee canisters cute??  They fit the bill very nicely. We do have a bag of our Michigan Awesome coffee pictured here, but it would be so much better IN the canister.  

No Coffee Bar is complete without Michigan Awesome Coffee!

See that little house in the back?  It not only looks super cute, but it is a tea bag holder.  Moreover, it even “matches” our house-shaped spoon rest. Using one of our fun honey pots is another way to add whimsy to your coffee bar.  The woven tray to display everything really pulls it all together.  Check out our marble pinch pots too. They add some nice texture. 

Adding texture is important in any vignette.  Towels are an easy way to do that. (I think we are slightly famous for our awesome tea towels).  I also chose that particular woven tray pictured above, because it offers a different texture to the coffee bar. 

Mug holders are a great space saver for your cupboards.  Also, they are incredibly convenient.  I used our ladder-type mug holder here because the black coordinates so well with the black hardware of our hoosier, plus it keeps our surface free to assemble our warm drink.  I didn’t have a coffee pot to use in my example here, but there is plenty of room to add one.  Which is probably a really good idea for a coffee bar. 

Don’t you love this mug holder?

These mugs are actually tea mugs.  Did you notice the tea bag holder on each one?  I also added another tea towel that coordinates with our mugs.

For height, I added some black corbels to act as bookends for some cookbooks.  Again, I choose black to keep our look cohesive.  Now, doesn’t that look super cute??  Of course, you can use what you love.

Chic Antiques Market has all your coffee or tea bar needs; creamers, pedestals, towels, and more in our online shop and at The Mill.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I decided to add a simple garland made from vintage Valentine’s Day cards. 

In addition to your coffee bar, you can add this vintage garland anywhere…your mantel, bathroom mirror, a window…the possibilities are endless! 

This is all you need to create your Valentine’s Day Garland:

Supplies to create a Vintage Valentine’s Day Garland.

Here is the garland on our coffee bar:

Finally, have fun with your coffee bar design, and let’s enjoy a coffee chat together soon!

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