5 Stylish Storage Ideas to Use in Your Home Decor

When I hear the words “home storage and organization” my mind automatically pictures “ugly,” as in plastic stackable storage bins.  Or “complicated” and “expensive,” as…

When I hear the words “home storage and organization” my mind automatically pictures “ugly,” as in plastic stackable storage bins.  Or “complicated” and “expensive,” as in “now I have to spend a lot of money to have built-in bookshelves” or closet organizers.

Plastic bins are great for storing stuff in your basement, attic, etc…but what about everyday storage?  Practical storage?  Storage for stuff I use often and need to get to easily?  I wanted to come up with ways to use what I either already have or at least use what I love.  Preferably, a combination of both to organize my home.

Easy Stylish Storage Ideas

Here are 5 easy, DIY, and stylish organizational ideas that I came up with for storing and organizing what I want close at hand.  I didn’t have to hire a contractor either.

Vintage Suitcases

First stylish storage idea; vintage suitcases.  I love vintage suitcases and I can’t stop myself from buying them.  Suitcases are often used at the shop for displays and then ultimately, someone wants to buy them.  Which is fine, because then I get to buy more, but what about the ones I just can’t part with?  It occurred to me that they are pretty roomy.  I have 4 kids, so I use this stack of four suitcases to house their pictures.  One suitcase per child.  If I do say so myself, these look pretty darn good here in my home alcove and provide a great decorative storage option for my living room.  

Stacked Suitcase Storage

An Antique Trunk

Second stylish storage idea; an antique trunk.  This antique trunk is in that very same alcove serving as a coffee table.  Talk about roomy – there’s a ton of storage space in this baby.  This is a great place to store things like books you love but aren’t reading currently.  Extra pillows and blankets, too.  

Coffee Table & Storage

A Dresser Isn’t Only For The Bedroom

Stylish storage idea number 3.  A small dresser. I LOVE using dressers for stylish home organization because they are so versatile.

Here, I am using a small dresser in, once again, the alcove of my living room.  Instead of an end table, I am using this cute dresser.  I organize and store my pricing stuff in all the drawers.  Imagine me sitting here in the evening watching TV and pricing new inventory to take to the shop.  I also use it for the magazines that I intend to read.  I say “intend” because I never seem to get around to reading them.  Super convenient if you like to do cross-stitching and such.

Drawers and Drawers of Storage Possibilities

When the kids were little, I used a dresser in our family room for games and puzzles.  Think organizing mittens and scarves in the entryway, too.

Baskets and More Baskets

A fourth stylish way to store and organize stuff is with baskets.  Who doesn’t love a basket?  They add a ton of texture to your space; plus, they are available in lots of sizes.  Furthermore, they aren’t heavy either.  Not being heavy is a good thing if you are like me and change your mind often.  You can easily change what you are storing and where at any given moment.  

Yes…A Ladder for Storage

Last, but not least, is stylish storage idea number 5.  A ladder.  Using a ladder is another great way to store blankets.  Or actually, display blankets.  I use a ladder in my bedroom to display afghans that my grandma and aunt made me when I was a child.  I don’t necessarily want to use them a lot now, but I do like to look at them and enjoy them.  What a great way to enjoy quilts that you or a loved one made, too.  What about towels in a small bathroom? 

Ladder Storage

Thinking outside of the box a bit, what do you think about hanging magazines in a guest room?  I also like the idea of hanging a ladder horizontally on a wall to use as a bookshelf.  

Check out our Instagram for more DIY storage and organization inspiration. Comment below with your creative storage ideas. I’d love to compare notes!

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