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5 Super Simple Fall Porch Decor Ideas

We’ve got all the ideas for you to make your fall porch decor just as amazing as the fall decor on the inside of your…

We’ve got all the ideas for you to make your fall porch decor just as amazing as the fall decor on the inside of your home!

When you’re decorating your home for fall, don’t forget about your porch decor. I think the porch is my most favorite part of fall decorating, actually. Or any season for that matter. It’s a great way to give a little hint of what’s to come.

This is really our side porch fall decor at the mill

Hang a Wreath on Your Door

What could possibly be more simple than hanging a wreath on your door? I hung 3 small wreaths on our side porch door for a fun twist on the “usual” fall porch decor idea. Adding a ribbon would also be a great way to add some color and texture, too.

Add Pumpkins – A Must Have for Fall Porch Decor

Ok, yes, this is another no brainer as far as fall porch decor ideas go. Have you considered faux pumpkins though?? And, yes, faux is just a fancier way of saying fake. I love these creamy plastic pumpkins of ours. Perfect for repeated fall decor use indoors or outdoors. Don’t be afraid to use them either, they look pretty darn realistic.

I see though, that I forgot to remove one of our price tags. You will remember to do that, I’m sure. I do have an excuse, too, for not thinking straight. When I was taking the pictures of our fall porch decor, it was about a hundred million degrees outside and the humidity was at an all time high. But I digress, on to our next step.

Don’t Forget a Vintage Touch

How sweet is this? Love how our fall decor looks against our rustic mill. You can find the bittersweet wreaths here.

This is my favorite idea whether we are talking about fall porch decor or not. Vintage always adds personality to anything you are decorating. We also talked about this on our last blog post about fall decor trends. These vintage plaid Koolers are all the rage right now and there truly is no better time to highlight them than in your fall decor. Like I always tell you, you want to add height to any vignette. I love how the red looks against all the white and blends in with all of the warm tones of our other fall porch decor.

Crates – The Perfect Base for your Fall Porch Decor

Crates with graphics are my favorite – the perfect vessel for pumpkins & fall porch decor.

Crates are so versatile and another great way to add some vintage personality to your fall porch decor. I added some faux leaves to coordinate with the red in the Kooler. Try to spread the same colors throughout your fall porch decor to keep it looking cohesive.

I chose these particular crates for 2 reasons. First, because Leonard is a nearby town of ours and I think a lot of you will appreciate these. Secondly, because I love the way the blue lettering matches the blue in the mat. This brings us to our final fall porch decor idea.

Layer a Rug Under Your Porch Mat

A Fall Porch Mat is a great fall porch decor idea — and how simple?

A fall porch mat is a super simple fall decor idea because it is so easily changed out. Think how simple it will be to to change out the pumpkin one for Christmas. Yes, Christmas is next, but don’t panic. You have awhile yet before we start talking about that. Look how cute this rug and mat look together. Not to mention how much texture is now added to your fall porch decor.

I hope these fall porch ideas are going to give you inspiration to make your porch look perfectly cozy and inviting. Don’t forget to check out our Harvest of Treasures September Market to grab some of your favorite fall porch decor staples. We also added an entire Fall into Chic Collection to the online shop.

Let me know what you think! And remember: seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be some big thing, like we talked about here.

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