Our Top Five Favorite Farmhouse Fall Decor Looks

Today, as I write this, it’s 90 degrees and extremely humid. Our hottest weekend in Michigan so far this year. So, what better time to…

Today, as I write this, it’s 90 degrees and extremely humid. Our hottest weekend in Michigan so far this year. So, what better time to cover five different farmhouse fall decor looks that you can create in your own home?

Please join me as I lay out some 2021 fall farmhouse decor trends and give you a little inspiration for styling your own home for fall (even if you have the air conditioner cranked on high).

When Should You Decorate for Fall?

I’d say NOW is the perfect time time. It IS the end of August after all. I know so many of you have kids that have already headed back to school. (or have headed back yourself) Nothing screams Fall louder than the start of the new school year in my mind. Let’s be real, who’s doing anything OUTSIDE when it’s THIS hot anyway?? If you are, you are a far better person than I, my friend.

Styling a Farmhouse Fall Entry Table

I like to put seasonal decor throughout my house. What better place to start with some fall decor than in your entryway? I love a mirror in an entryway, too. Always great for taking a last minute hair and “anything stuck in my teeth” check on your way out of the door. Also, a really cool mirror makes a great first impression no matter if your decor is farmhouse or not.

This is our “before” Summer look

Nothing “wrong” with that look for sure.

Our “after” Fall Farmhouse look

Same wall, same mirror. We sold the console, so new table. Totally new look, too. This distressed console table really adds to the look. I love the warm fall tones the plaid runner and little bittersweet wreath add.

I found a few little treasures to add to our vignette, too. Notice all the different textures? Texture adds so much to the coziness of the fall farmhouse look we having going on here. And a runner is always a good idea!

Spreading the same wood tone that is in our bamboo mirror around the whole look with the lantern and heart helps to give a nice, cohesive fall farmhouse look overall.

Velvet pumpkins add great texture. Who doesn’t love velvet anyway??

Did you notice the candle in our lantern? Candle light is always a good idea. It adds that warmth and “homey-ness to any space. These particular candles have got to be one of my newest favorite things. This little cutey is battery operated. Who knew?? No one. They look that real. And why has it taken this long for someone to think of this??

I added some color coordinated vintage books to give our fall decor some height. Mixing textures and heights really is key to making any design pleasing to the eye. Not to mention way more interesting.

The heart shaped bowl doesn’t just look cute, it’s a great place to throw keys, change, or use as a vessel for candles.

Fall Farmhouse Shelf Decor

Obviously, not a fall farmhouse look yet.

With a few simple changes, though, your shelf is Fall Decor worthy!

I changed only 2 things here to get this mix of boho and farmhouse fall look. See how simple that is?

I swapped out the green wreath for a fall inspired eucalyptus, moved the clock and added a gold pumpkin. That’s it! Now, we have ourselves an awesome fall decor look. Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be some big thing or overwhelming.

Decorating a Fall Mantel

You don’t have a fireplace you say? So what, I say! It’s ok to have a fireplaceless mantel. Mantels are always super fun to decorate for the different seasons. Fall decor is especially fun in my opinion. I have this mantel just leaning against a wall at the mill. (yes! it’s for sale) Lean one against any wall in your home. Add those very awesome battery candles for some “fire”. I wish I would have thought of that when I was taking these pictures.

Adding some more bittersweet for a fall farmhouse look here, too.

I love the colors in this flag with the fall tones. I thinks that’s why I love fall decor so much. The warm colors look great with every color scheme.

Black & White Plaid Pumpkins add the perfect Fall Farmhouse decor touch

I don’t know about you, but I really never tire of black & white. Very classic and will never got out of style. Just like vintage finds. No matter what, you can always find a way to sneak in a vintage piece or 2 into your decor.

Trendy Fall Farmhouse Dining Table

Mixing a little Boho in with fall farmhouse decor

What should we call this look? Urban Farmhouse decor? Farhemiam Fall decor? I love to shake up my farmhouse decor a bit by adding something a little boho in flavor. Did you notice what I did here? I used a rug with a lot of texture and large tassels instead of the usual runner.

These striped pumpkins are straight up farmhouse fall decor. We love faux florals, too, and this fall floral bundle sets everything off.

Gray is still super trendy. Adding touches of autumn orange in with the grays and whites is a super way to warm up your fall decor. I love the this shade of green with these colors, too. These farmhouse pumpkins also look super cute all piled up in a basket – here’s an example from last year.

Personally, I yearn for sweater weather. Anyone else? Love how the mug and green towel compliment each other. The perfect additions to your farmhouse fall decor.

Fall Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Last, but not least, how about your coffee table? I used a combo of all of the above ideas I think to give our coffee table that farmhouse fall decor vibe with a bit of vintage and boho.

Wood tones, greens, golds & bittersweet look awesome together

I love our carved wood pumpkins on this vintage gold & green pedestal coffee table. Bittersweet, again, brings in the warm fall decor tones. The glittery, gold pumpkins are an awesome contrast to the wood pumpkins, too. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and bring your personality to your fall decor, or any decor for that matter.

Boho inspired farmhouse fall decor. Have you mixed these two styles? They go so well together! This vintage table is the perfect backdrop to this look.

Palm leaves are boho any time of the year. They add some great texture here and blend nicely with the wood tone of the pumpkins. The green vase adds needed height.

A brick mould and napkins help with height and texture, too.

No matter what you’re adding your fall decor to, you want to make sure you don’t just line up a bunch of stuff on your surface. As I mentioned a few times, you want to make sure you have varying heights and textures. Sizes, too.

A little closer look at all the details. The carved wood pumpkins & gold pumpkins pair so well together, especially with a bittersweet wreath.

I absolutely love the subtle color and texture these sunflowers bring to fall farmhouse decor. I would bet they would look just as amazing in any fall decor. It’s hard to tell here, but I have them in a flat basket with a napkin set. They are just as fantastic in a tall vase or lying in a crate.

A great way to add texture to your farmhouse fall look is with seasonal faux florals, like these sunflower stems. We love the sunflowers in a dough bowl, too, like we did here last year.

If you’re anything like me, fall is a gentle reminder to find the beauty within your home as it provides comfort and warmth as the seasons change. Where will you begin with your cozy fall farmhouse look?

Hope to hear from you soon,

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