6 Dorm Room Ideas to Make Your Space Super Cozy & Cute

Let’s create a cozy & cute dorm room! It’s that time again….time to head off to school. Crazy, but true! Do you need some decorating…

Let’s create a cozy & cute dorm room! It’s that time again….time to head off to school. Crazy, but true! Do you need some decorating ideas to make that dorm room more cute and cozy?? If so, we can help! Get ready, we are diving into some of our favorite dorm room decorating tips.

Create a Study Space

Studying is supposed to be a big reason for being in the dorm in the first place — why not make it cute? Let’s start with a desk. Choose a desk that you love. One that makes your dorm feel like it’s YOUR space.

Love how cozy wood feels, especially for a bland dorm room. This desk has a masculine feel with the charcoal gray & wood.
A desk doesn’t even have to be a desk. What’s more cozy in a dorm than this reclaimed wood table??

Use Rugs in your Dorm Room

Any chance you get, use fabric to lose that sterile feeling and make your dorm feel cozy and cute instead. Rugs can add a pop of color. Rugs also help define different spaces; especially helpful in small spaces…like a dorm room!

Get the Lighting Just Right – No One Likes the Dr. Office Lighting

Another super important element in a naturally blah dorm. Add lamps for lighting and personality. Lighting don’t have to be boring. Choose a few different lamps for different reasons, but always choose cute when decorating your dorm. You will need task lighting for your desk.

In keeping with keeping your dorm all cozy, you will want to throw in another lamp or two.

Style with a Mirror to Make Your Dorm Feel Bigger

You always need a mirror, right?? A dorm is not exception! Might as well use a cute one, too.

We love this bamboo mirror for a smaller space because it creates the illusion of a bigger space. It also gives the room a cozy vibe because of the warm wood. Can’t go wrong!

Use Cute Storage Ideas & Get Creative

Storage space is most likely at a premium in any dorm room. Storage doesn’t have to mean ugly plastic bins either. There are a million ideas for cute storage! Think outside the box. Anything that can hold something can be used for storage. Use what you love.

I use vintage suitcases to hold photos at home. Who says they can’t hold papers, or binders??

Crates are a super fun idea for easy and cute storage for a dorm room.

Bring in Some Plants to Liven Up Your Dorm

Plants are always a great idea when decorating any space; especially when it comes to making your dorm cute & cozier. They are an especially good idea when you are trying to make your dorm feel more like home. You don’t have time or light for plants you say? Faux plants are your best friend here. You can put them anywhere. We always have a TON at our markets & this time we’ve added a lot of fall foliage. How fun to add the new season to your dorm room to make it feel like home, too?

There you have it, 6 cute dorm decorating ideas to make your space feel super cozy. Which idea are YOU loving??

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