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My Obsession with Vintage & Painted Furniture

It’s true. If I won the lottery tonight, I wouldn’t decorate any other way. I opened my first shop in July of 2008 packed full of furniture I had painted. I had actually started out in 2000 selling at a shop in downtown Romeo. Prior to that, I decorated my entire house with vintage furniture, mostly furniture that I had painted. When we could no longer walk in our home because we had too much furniture, I realized I had an obsession.

We have come a long way in the past 21 years, but I still have that same love. I want to show you a few of my favorite pieces we currently have in the shop just waiting for their new home.

What’s not to love about everything pictured here??

This console table has great detail; I love the curvy legs and top. Console tables are one of my favorites because they are so versatile. Put one behind your sofa with a lamp or two or in your entry way as a landing spot for your keys and such. This would make an awesome writing desk, too.

The coffee table is actually brand new. We are carrying more furniture that is new, but made to look vintage. I know the new stuff is lacking the stories that the true vintage has, but they are also lacking dirt and other issues that are not always fun. I think a mix of old and new keeps things looking fresh, too.

Now this is an oldie, but a real goodie

I am in LOVE with this pine dresser that dates back to the turn of the last century. I don’t think painted furniture is going anywhere, but I am happy to see the trend is leaning more toward a mix. This beauty deserves to remain in it’s natural state. Look how cute it looks with this more contemporary planter. Mixing up styles is way more interesting.

Gray is such a great neutral

I am not “over” gray yet. Actually, I have always loved gray. I can’t think of a color it doesn’t look great with. This coffee table is amazing on so many levels. It’s not new, but it’s not super old. After we painted it gray, we dry brushed a creamy white on the top to give it a “weathered” look. Great in a beachy cottage or with farmhouse decor. Tons of storage, too, and who doesn’t love that?

Weathered gray, this time on a headboard

This headboard is pretty vintage. I’m guessing it’s about 50-60 years old. This time, after we were done painting with the gray, we got out our sander. I love all of the wood coming through to show off all of the great detailing. This is twin sized. Did you know that you can attach a vintage headboard like this one directly to your metal bed frame? Just screw it in! Or, attach the headboard directly on the wall.

Talk about detail! Look at these beauties

Last but not least, are the these super cute pedestal end table. We left the top natural. We applied our Wise Owl furniture salve, and that’s it. The wood was beautiful on the top and I wanted to highlight it. The rest of the wood, not so much. We painted them with our signature Wise Owl Antique Villa and I think they looked pretty darn stunning. it’s not often that we are lucky enough to come across matching tables. Let alone ones that are this unique and cool.

There’s soooo much more in store, and I truly do love it all. I am the one who bought it in the first place after all. I hope to see you soon!

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