It’s Garage Sale Season! A Few Tips For Making the Most of Your Finds

I keep telling Howard, I’m not a hoarder. He disagrees. I prefer to say, I am creative. Sadly, this is my garage. Without fail, I…

I keep telling Howard, I’m not a hoarder. He disagrees. I prefer to say, I am creative. Sadly, this is my garage. Without fail, I can see potential in just about everything I see. However, now it is time to face the facts.

Never Enough Time

There are not enough hours in the day, I simply don’t have the time to save everything. As my business has grown these past 13 years, yes 13 years! I have had to make some difficult decisions. Admitting that I can no longer keep up with everything is one of them. Time to let things go.

Here is my guest room- you can see why Kyle is always puzzled when I mention “the guest room!” Look closely…there is a bed in there!

I shamefully tell you that these two pictures are just a small look at my chaos – I am bearing my soul. I NEVER let anyone see how horrifying my “stash” is. As I have started to delve into this nightmare, it did get easier and easier to let go.

I am now super excited to share my projects with you and give you some tips.

Trash to Treasure

The garage is looking better already!

So, that was the garage this morning. Here is a shot of it just a few hours later. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. This faux tree has some leaves missing, but so what?? I am not going to sell it at the shop, but really, who’s going to notice that it’s not perfect??

Paint is Your Friend

You can paint just about anything! Including plastic clocks…I was going to paint this one cream. No one would know it’s plastic while it’s hanging on the wall. The flower pot is cracked. So, put a fake plant in it and turn the crack to the back. No one will be none the wiser.

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but behind the clock is a marble top table. Three of the legs have fallen off. Unscrew the top and you have a super nice piece of marble for next to nothing.

One of my favorite things to paint is lamps. Lamps are not cheap. They are at garage sales though!

I have more than just this, but you get the idea

You can even paint the shades to match. Yes, you can paint the shades, I do it all of the time. Well, I used to. Now, you can. It’s so hard to find shades that are the right shape and color. So, just paint ’em.

Of course, you can always recover them or rip off the fabric.

Seasonal decor is always great to pick up at garage sales. I’m always switching mine out, and I know I’m not alone.

Furniture is ALWAYS a Great Garage Sale Find

Of course, the number one thing I look for at garage sales is furniture. If you are willing to put in a little work, and sometimes a lot! you can have yourself something that you love. As you know, paint is my absolute favorite way to update a piece.

I’ll sweep out the garage after the sale

Seatless chairs along with a bucket make a super cute planter

They just don’t make furniture like they used to! This is a radio, can you believe it?? Take out the radio, add some shelves, viola! You have a stunner of a cabinet.

Bottom line, just look at things with a different eye. You can do it!

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  1. Hi Lori, Thank You for sharing your stash with everyone. I can’t make it out today for the sale. I’m so bummed. But I do have a suggestion for you. After the sale is over and you go through your inventory how about taking pictures and posting them on your website so people can purchase something from there. Good luck on your sale today. Tina Kirkindall.

    1. Hi Tina, thank you! We are not putting these items on the website but just announced our anniversary sale. We will have really good deals there – all of the info can be found on our recent email, facebook page, or instagram page. It’s Saturday, July 10th from 11am until 2pm. Hope to see you there; thank you!

  2. On my way to your sale.
    Retired two days ago so I will now have time to collect, paint, create and teach how. Sigh ?