Discovering Southern Charm & Architecture In Charleston

There’s nothing like discovering something new to get you all inspired. When I mentioned to a friend that we were heading to Myrtle Beach, she…

There’s nothing like discovering something new to get you all inspired. When I mentioned to a friend that we were heading to Myrtle Beach, she suggested that we make a side trip to Charleston. Boy! Am I glad that she did. Amazing.

Discovering Charleston, SC

I’m a sucker for great architecture. (If it wasn’t for all of that math, I seriously would have considered being an architect.) And history. Charleston is chock full of both.

This is amazing enough, but just wait until you see the houses!

So crazy beautiful

All of this detail just blew my mind

People actually live here

This is part of “Rainbow Row”. The pastels are so coastal and beautiful

I’m really loving the wrought iron and black trim everywhere

Those doors!! I can’t even…

Have you ever seen anything more charming??

And the scrolls!!

I am just drooling as I’m walking around. Are you noticing that every house has the most amazing window boxes and/or planters? Most houses have a fabulous little garden area

Who doesn’t love a beautiful fountain?? They are everywhere

I am saving the best for last though.

What do you notice here by the doors?

My favorite thing was the REAL gas lanterns. You don’t turn them on and off, they are just ON 24/7. The best part is it only costs about $5 a month to do so. So, guess what just got added to Howard’s to-do list???

Here we are sweating by the fountain. I should have dunked my head in it. Next time we will visit before Memorial Day

Of course, my house looks NOTHING like anything I saw here.

We bought our house because I wanted to live in the village. I wanted to be able to walk to the restaurants, the movie theater and the library; not to mention the trails. In addition, Howard wanted to be able to hunt in our backyard. We never thought that we would be able to find a house that would make both of us happy. As insane as it sounds, we bought a house that is ONE street outside of the village well within walking distance of all of the above and it’s on over 10 acres. Ample room for Howard to bow hunt.

A True Fixer Upper

It’s a true fixer upper. Which was fine, since Howard is a contractor. I love that we can make it our own. Because Howard is a contractor, he works on our house last. Our yard is an absolute nightmare. We have been working on it every summer, but it had been neglected for years before we moved in. Definitely a work in progress. Slow progress. However, you will see what I mean if you make it out to my Project & Paint sale this coming Saturday, June 12th. It’s just one day only; from 10am until 2pm. Make sure you’re signed up for our email list for the address! You can sign up right here.

But, I digress, I was in such awe surrounded by beauty everywhere I looked. I got a ton of ideas and inspiration for my home as well as for the shop!! I hope that you did, too

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