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Where to Begin with Home Decor Projects Overload?

I’m a fine one to ask! I have more projects overloading my life than just about anyone I know. It’s a curse of being creative….

I’m a fine one to ask! I have more projects overloading my life than just about anyone I know. It’s a curse of being creative. The electrician calls it being a hoarder. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see potential in everything he comes across either.

Our storage room at the mill is packed to the gills. My basement at home is full; there is barely a path to walk through. My garage is full. It is so jam-packed that I bought a tent to hold the overflow. Oh yeah, there’s a tent the same size at the mill that is also hiding a whole lot of goodies, too.

Projects & Paint

So, I am having a tent sale at my house in downtown Oxford. I’m calling it “Projects & Paint”. I will help YOU get started on a project. I have been going through my very large stash, asking myself, “Will I EVER really do this project??” If the answer is “No”, I have been putting a piece of tape on it and jotting down what I thought I would do with it.

Of course, you don’t have to do what I was thinking, but I am more than happy to give you some input if you would like it.

We carry some of the very awesome Wise Owl Paint now in our online shop if you haven’t already heard. Wise Owl offers lots of great products to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

For instance, this old radio would make a super cool storage cabinet or bar. I know, I’ve transformed a few of these in my day. Just remove the actual radio and add shelves. Why don’t they make stuff like this anymore??

Speaking of super cool detailing that no one does anymore, I love this antique pump organ. If you watch, “Flea Market Flip” you just know they would be all over this to turn it into a bar

There is SO MUCH MORE. I just can’t reach it. I will, though, and it will all be ready for you to tackle by June 12th. We’ll be giving all the details, including the address, in our email so make sure you’re signed up! Click here to do so if you haven’t yet.

Did I mention everything is CHEAP???

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  1. Sounds like fun, Lori!!! Then again, I’m a sucker for a sale!!! You did say cheap, right? LOL! I promise myself, I will ONLY purchase an item I will complete within the year otherwise I will not purchase it! Ya, right! See you then, Lori. I just know a treasure awaits!!!


    1. Yes, cheap!! And, that’s exactly what I told myself…I would do the project within the year…thus the sale!! Looking forward to seeing you