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Picking a Color Scheme for Outdoors

Yes, just like you do inside. Why? When I take a walk around my neighborhood, I notice some people have a nice cohesive look while others have flowers, pots, and porch furniture in every color of the rainbow. Most of the time, it’s not a good look. I get it. ALL of the colors are so pretty. Honestly, choosing a color scheme helps a TON narrowing down your choices and prevents you from going into overwhelm mode. Especially, for me anyway, while choosing flowers and plants.

Keep the color of your actual house in mind, too. It is a backdrop color. If it’s not your favorite color, use that as your accent color or choose 3 or 4 colors that go well with the color of your home.

For my house, I use black, white, purple and pink. My house is gray with fieldstone. Gray is a great neutral, and all of the above go well with it. Who wants gray flowers though? Is there such a thing?

My front porch

My deck

For the mill, I chose black, white, purple and green.

The mill is white, and I bought white flowers and used white as an accent color. So, either way works well. Plus, they look great with the red in the background.

In a blog last week, I shared how to make your out door space look cozy. I mentioned that you should use rugs and pillows just like you do inside of you home. You can read the the blog here. I also share more pictures of my own outdoor spaces.

I put together a seating area on the front porch of the mill. I found many men sitting out there at various time this past market.

Are you noticing that I love stripes in addition to black, white & purple??

Did you also notice that I use some faux flowers and plants while decorating the porch at the mill??? Faux makes fake sound so much better! I won’t tell anyone if you decide to sneak a few faux ones in your own outdoor decor.

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