5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space as Cozy as Your Indoor Space…in under an hour!

I’m positive you can create a cozy outdoor space in well under an hour once you know my outdoor decorating secrets! I promise it will…

I’m positive you can create a cozy outdoor space in well under an hour once you know my outdoor decorating secrets! I promise it will even look great.

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Group Your Furniture

Start off by arranging your furniture in groupings, like you would in your house. How are you going to use that grouping? A conversation space?

You can see that I did a cozy grouping around the fire pit, too, over in the distance.


This is my grandma’s set from the 1950’s? 60’s maybe? It needs to be redone…but, hey, it’s not even Memorial Day!

Add Pillows

Next, add some cozy pillows. Yes, pillows!! Who doesn’t want an excuse to buy more pillows I ask?? They don’t have to be “outdoor” pillows either. Keep them out of the weather when you can. Know that they won’t be your “indoor” pillows and stick them in the wash from time to time.

I found this lounge chair at a garage sale years ago. I was so excited because it matches my grandma’s set. It needs to be repainted, too.

I love the detail on these “velvet” pillows.

Someone painted these vintage chairs black over the green. I don’t even mind that they are chipping.

Throw Rugs are Next

Throw down a rug to anchor your groupings. Again, it doesn’t have to be an “outdoor” rug. I used this one on my front porch that used to be in my house when I got a new one.

Because my deck is made of rotting wood, I did use an actual outdoor rug in this grouping.

Brighten the Space with Flowers

Add flowers. I only do annuals in containers. I buy hanging baskets to use in all of my containers. Someone has already done all of the work for you. Just take off the hanger part. I see no point in actually planting anything but perennials.

Anything can be a container.

An old, metal drawer

A beat up, vintage olive bucket

A vintage toolbox.

Use Varying Heights

Anything at all can be used to add some height and dimension, too. In the above picture, I used a small bench my neighbor was throwing away. Fun, vintage things like this rusty step stool that I would never ever stand on, is perfect.

I literally used things lying around my yard. I know everyone doesn’t actually have stuff just strewn about as I do. That’s where Chic Antiques comes in real handy! We always have fun, unique things available, If I do say so myself.

Or, put your hanging baskets in these hanger things.

Notice the plastic frame?? I’m going to add something inside of it, I just don’t know what yet. Again, it’s not even Memorial Day. I normally don’t even start thinking about outside until then. I’m very proud of myself.

Bonus Tip

Here’s one more final tip, don’t be afraid to use the unexpected outside. Have fun and use what you love. That’s what I did! Please don’t worry if you feel your home isn’t what you want it to be. We bought ours as a “fixer-upper” several years ago. Since I’m married to a contractor, we have never gotten around to the fixing-up part. Decorating makes me happy and it’s easier to overlook everything that you hate about your space…

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