Tips for Bringing Your Indoor Decor Outdoors

Do you know how easy it is to bring your indoor decor outdoors? It is always my goal to make my outdoor space as special…

Do you know how easy it is to bring your indoor decor outdoors? It is always my goal to make my outdoor space as special as my indoor rooms.

Wise Owl Varnish

Varnish is the ANSWER!

Yes, that’s your answer! Our Wise Owl varnish comes in both a satin and matte finish. A few coats of either will go a long way to preserve your decor outside. I used the matte finish on everything I’m going to show you. I chose that one because it’s basically invisible, but still works to protect against the weather. If you would like a little shine, choose the satin finish.

Remember this super cute table from Tuesday’s blog?

It is handcrafted and makes a great table in your entryway inside or out.

How cute would this be in your foyer OR on your porch? So rustic, but it looks so elegant with a few little accessories. The matte varnish will make sure it stays looking awesome for years to come.

Rusty vintage chairs are another favorite thing to put outside around here. As you can see, this one is pretty darn rusty. Perfectly rusty I would say. To make sure it stays that way and rusts no further, I brushed on a few coats of our matte varnish. The varnish works as well on metal as it does on wood.

I love the way this contemporary pillow looks!

That’s a little design tip for you. Put pillows on your outdoor chairs. Yes, you have permission to buy more pillows!

More rusty metal on our porch!

I have this vintage crib piece leaning against our window outside at the mill. Again, matte varnish to the rescue to preserve the rusty goodness. How awesome would this look on your wall with a wreath??? Kind of just like this…Again, you put this whole look inside or out. I have a faux plant in this rusty factory bin, kind of mimicking a window box. This would be stunning our your dining table as well. Varnish is yet again the answer to keeping it looking amazing.

Shop with US!

I’ll have some more tips for outdoor decor next week now that summer is upon us. And, just so you know, we have cool vintage pieces and Wise Owl products available online and in the store. Shop with us soon!

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