What is the Difference Between Vintage & Boho?

. In a word…Nothing. Really, vintage is another word for old. Like, 20 years old, but not older than 100 years old. Once you hit…


In a word…Nothing. Really, vintage is another word for old. Like, 20 years old, but not older than 100 years old. Once you hit 100 years, you’re talking antique.

To me, Boho is just a specific style of vintage. The 1960s and 1970s primarily, but with a bit of a modern twist. In my last blog, I shared how I added some new finds in to my current decor. I talked about table vignettes and “smalls”. Staying with that same idea, I’m going to show you how to update your look with a boho feel.

So, let’s say you inherited this super comfy gold and cream damask couch and chair from your great aunt. The couch and chair are actually for sale right here on in the Mill, but the great aunt story is more interesting.

Now, if you really did inherit some furniture and are incredibly sentimental, or are just broke and grateful to have a free couch and chair, I’m going to show you how to bring them into this century.

If you are just into the “granny chic” look, these are both from the 1960s and in incredibly great shape. We have already updated them a bit by painting the once dark wood trim with our Wise Owl chalk paint in Antique Villa.

You may have noticed I have been experimenting with a few different pillows in the different photos. I added this new, navy throw. The pom-poms are really hot at the moment. I’m loving the texture of the cream pillows. I also love how these blue pillows look with the throw and they scream “Boho”.

The accent furniture you choose can really help bring your look together. These tables are brand new, but look super vintage. Think of a 1960s movie or sitcom.

Gold is all the rage now

I used the same pillows on the chair, but you don’t have to. Just stick with the same color scheme for a cohesive look. I repeated using gold around the vignettes; the candlesticks on the fireplace mantel, the wall hanging, and the hardware on the dresser behind the chair. Doing this also helps keep your look cohesive and pulled together.

I switched out a few of the accessories from the first picture, too. None of these items are vintage but do have a vintage feel. Perfect for what we are going for here. I don’t know if you can tell, but I used a blue basket on the mantel. Just like with the gold accents, you want to spread your accent colors around your room.

Pin this to your Home Decor Board for easy reference!

To sum it up, we used vintage furniture with new accessories. We picked a specific style to work with. To help narrow down our choices, we picked a color scheme and spread those colors throughout the “room”. If you use this “formula” while decorating anything, you can’t go wrong.

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