How To Decorate Using What You Already Have??

You might be asking yourself this decorating question. Or saying to yourself, “Self, I really want to go to Chic Antiques’ upcoming market, but what…

You might be asking yourself this decorating question. Or saying to yourself, “Self, I really want to go to Chic Antiques’ upcoming market, but what do I really need?”. I have furniture…and I still like it.

Well, first of all, if we only bought what we NEED, we would only buy food and toilet paper. Clothes and underwear every now and again, too. That’s not fun, so I’m going to show you a few areas in my home that I have added some recent finds to.

Updating a Current Vignette

Corner of my sitting room

Looks ok, doesn’t it? I keep my pricing stuff and magazines in this dresser. Then, we got a shipment of tulips in for the shop.

I’m a sucker for purple tulips

The pink tulips made it to the shop, but the purple ones did not. This is a great example of how you can add seasonal items to your vignettes. I had little Christmas trees in these pots during that winter season. I am also a sucker for vintage suitcases and vintage glove molds for some reason. You can see that I added both here, too. I keep my necessary paperwork in the suitcase. Stylish storage is always a good thing.

Don’t Forget to Add Texture

I like to add a little texture to my vignettes for interest. The placemat here did the trick. The rusty vintage first aid kit added one more layer. Layers are good. Add some layers to your decorating.

Moving right along to the next vignette in the sitting room. Did you know I recently bought a purple velvet couch? I even did a blog about that, too. I never use the pillows that come with my couch ON my couch. Using them on this vintage settee helps spread the purple velvet around the room and update the settee. The settee needs a total makeover, but that’s a project and blog for another day.

I really, really want to rip up this carpet and put in hardwood floors, but this is yet another project for another day. Another day when I have a lot more money. In the meanwhile, I put this area rug down to make me feel better. I like how it anchors the space. (Yes, I do have another one available!…and many more rugs). Many of you have said that you didn’t realize that I have rugs at the shop. We do indeed, but I digress.

Again, this area looks perfectly fine. Fine, but plain.

You can’t go wrong by adding texture with fabric as I did with a runner and an additional pillow. Unlike the man in your life, I will tell you, you can’t have too many pillows. Adding vintage finds in with the new always makes your space more personal and unique. I put a vintage leaded glass window on my window ledge to add a bit more pizazz.

Vintage books are a great way to add some height and dimension to your groupings. Have you heard? Dried floral arrangements are back in style!! Of course, I had to add this purple one.

Last, but not least, one more corner of my sitting room.

No need to reinvent the wheel while decorating. I applied the very same principles to this space.

A runner and some vintage goodies made a world of difference. Also, no need to live with the pot your faux greenery comes in. Sometimes, it’s fine, but I didn’t love this one. I added some paper to the bottom of the one I found at Chic Antiques to give this topiary even more height.

I hope that I was able to answer a few questions and give you some inspiration for using what you already own and incorporating a few new things.

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  1. I think your room looks so pretty & pulled together. Lots of good tips. My problem is I love everything I have had forever and I just keep rotating the same stuff over and over.. I try to update and replace but I always end up keeping what I have. I’m in a rut.

    1. Hi Diane, Just try adding a few things to refresh and update your look without eliminating anything. Thank you for your kind words!