We are Finally Going to Have a Sign! Some day…

How many businesses operate without having a sign? I had a store in Oxford for 6 years, the first 4 years we were sign-less. When…

How many businesses operate without having a sign? I had a store in Oxford for 6 years, the first 4 years we were sign-less. When I moved into the mill, Deb had a sign that read, “The Mill” out front. The Mill was the name of her business for over 25 years. When I moved in, we were Chic Antiques inside of The Mill because, well, it IS a mill…

Then the sign blew over. I’m not sure how many years ago that was?? We found ourselves completely sign-less yet again. I am amazed how many people find us regardless. Since I am now the proud owner of the building, I decided that it was time for a sign. Not that Deb was standing in the way…

I also decided that it was the perfect opportunity to give our Wise Owl Primer and One Hour Enamel a try!

Grateful to Howard for volunteering to help!

Finished the first coat of primer!

Wise Owl Primer

One hour and a haircut later, it was time to start the second coat of primer. This isn’t actually the sign, it is what we are attaching the sign to…

Wise Owl primer comes in clear, white and dark gray. Howard is obviously using the clear. I like using the clear on any furniture we use, too. Especially when we are going to distress a piece. It allows the wood to show through and not the primer color. The primer blocks any stains and prevents “bleed through” of wood tones.

One Hour Enamel Paint

Now, it’s time to head to the mill and break out the paint

Although, we aren’t painting anything to do with the sign white, here’s what it looks like

Howard and his haircut are painting the post with BLACK one hour enamel.

If you know anything about paint, especially enamel paint, you know that Wise Owl one hour enamel is something special! Normally, you need to let enamel paint dry over night before you can start painting again. You really need to let this paint set up for a full hour before your second coat, but after just an hour you are good to go again. More good news. You can purchase this paint right here on our online shop. It comes in many colors other than black and white, too.

This is super exciting! Think kitchen cupboards, dining tables, doors, etc….these are now projects you can finish in ONE DAY, yay!!! So, you probably are thinking, “That’s great!! The sign is done!!”

TA-DA!!! Here is how it looks now!

Yes, since I forgot the gallon of paint at home, Howard used the quart of paint we had at the shop. This is how far a quart of paint will get you. It was a beautiful day last week when we started the project. Winter came back the next day. Now that summer is back again today, we will resume this project, soon. I’m not defining “soon”.

Let us know if you have any questions about our paint …or anything else. Thank you!

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  1. I have a question: I have my mother’s old dining hutch. I would like to paint it and put in my kitchen. I would like to make it farmhouse look. Any suggestions on type of paint or how much it would cost if I had someone do it

    1. Hi Antoinette, it really depends on a few things. What end result are you going for? Distressed or a more “clean” look? Also, is the finish currently in good shape? If there are not a lot of “issues” with the current state and you are going for a more “distressed” look, the chalk paint would be best. If you want a more sleek, clean, look or if the finish isn’t in the best shape, the one hour enamel would be best. Currently, we are not able to paint pieces for customers, unfortunately. Thank you so much for asking! Let me know if you have any other questions