The Painting of the Furniture Begins

Linda has been having fun getting familiar with our new Wise Owl paint products and has been painting up a storm. I’m not there yet….

Linda has been having fun getting familiar with our new Wise Owl paint products and has been painting up a storm. I’m not there yet. Soon, though. I have some pieces patiently waiting in my garage at home for me to get started. This traditional, early American style chest is still in the work room awaiting hardware.

What do you think about putting the original hardware back on? That was the question of the day. We just stuck it in the drawer trying to decide. I like it. I think the original hardware is a go.

Painting Step 1 – Primer

We started with a clear primer. There was a super shiny varnish on this piece originally. The primer eliminates the need to sand your furniture to death.

Step 2 – Paint

We followed up using the chalk paint

The first color we used is Antique Villa

Antique Villa is so similar to our former signature creamy white paint that it’s almost scary. I defy you to tell the difference.

Next, we used Weathervane to dry brush and highlight the edges

Painting Step 3 – Furniture Salve

We finished with one of our furniture salves to seal. We even used it on the inside of the drawers .

The furniture salves are amazing, I have to say. This is one of those things that you never knew you needed, but trust me, you NEED it!!

Just look at the inside of these 40-year-old drawers now! They even smell amazing. We used Lemon Verbena, but the salves come in lots of different scents. You can use the salves on painted or unpainted wood, as you see. It also restores leather. They are amazing!

We have a pair of these little cuties that came to us painted black. Not in a good way either.

We added a few coats of “Refurbished Gentleman”. What a difference!

Wet Sanding Technique

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Have you ever heard of “wet sanding”? It’s OK if you haven’t. I kept hearing the term, but never really looked into it. It’s a GAME CHANGER in the land of chalk paint. It’s pretty self explanatory, really.

This is literally all you need.

I love these sanding blocks, but just regular old sandpaper will do the trick. Use a fine grit, 120 or higher. Yes, I did label the spray bottle. I use this to mist my hair, too. One time I used the vinegar spray bottle to mist my hair. Thus, the labeling of the bottle.

Anyway, just mist the sanding block and lightly sand where you would like the distressing. It’s so super easy, it’s ridiculous. Especially if you’re used to sanding latex with a sander. That takes forever just as an FYI and is insanely messy.

Like, I said we have 2 of these cuties. I’ll have more pictures, dimensions and prices soon!

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    1. Thank you, Jerri! So glad you found them useful. You lightly mist your sandpaper with a spray bottle and sand once the paint is dry.