A Purple Velvet Couch??? With Vintage Furniture Yet…

Yes, I just bought a brand new, purple velvet couch. And, yes, I have it mixed in with all of my vintage finds in my…

Yes, I just bought a brand new, purple velvet couch. And, yes, I have it mixed in with all of my vintage finds in my living room. I have to say, I really do love it. Of course, purple IS my favorite color.

I love all colors, but dark purple and black have always been near and dear to my heart. I remember telling my mother when I was in kindergarten those were my favorite colors. She was horrified.

I was pleasantly shocked when Howard said he liked the couch when I showed it to him online. I ordered it before he could change his mind. Of course, it could have been worse, did you see this one that I shared on Facebook recently?

Do people really put this in their house?? As one of my friends pointed out, it looks like a robot sitting between these 2. And the blue lights?? It looks like it might take off and circle around the room. I can’t even wrap my head around spending $1600 on this.

But, back to MY couch. Did you see my post on Facebook and such when I first received it? I only got the arms and 2 cushions.

After calling and being assured I would get the second half ASAP, I got another shipment of the EXACT. SAME. THING. Yes, 2 more arms, and 2 more cushions. That’s it.

Happily, I did get a third delivery finally! of all of the pieces. Kyle was delighted to put it together for me.

Ta-Da!! Here it is!!

What do you think? The only thing I don’t like is the matching pillows. Well, I do like the matching pillows, just not on the couch. Design Tip: Put the matching pillows on another piece or 2 of furniture in the same room to pull all of your pieces together.

My throw doesn’t look any better. Guess what that means? Yes, a new throw for the new couch.

I love this throw I found at Chic Antiques. Of course, the new throw doesn’t go with the old pillows. So back to Chic Antiques I went.

I like it so much better now. I like the pop of color and the contemporary lines, too. Mixing styles and textures make your space much more interesting and adds some personality.

If you’re wondering, Yes! I have more pillows if you have to have them, too.

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  1. Seeing your post makes me smile! I, too just purchased my first velvet couch. I went with a shade of blue… lagoon. I was nervous with my decision, but seeing your couch confirms that I made the right choice. I’m really looking forward to mixing styles and textures. You can be sure I’ll be visiting Chic Antiques to complete my look. Thanks, Lori!

  2. Well, purple happens to be my favorite color, too, and I love your new couch. As I was reading your blog, I thought, “Hmmm….Howard liked it but my husband never would.”

    “Look at this cool couch,” I told him, and he agreed that it is very cool. Shocking, but true! It makes me think that there may be hope for adding some purple to our lives. We have a lot of neutral, my favorite of which is gray, and shades of purple complement it so well. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. You read my blog! Yes, I know you are just as fond of purple as I am. There is no reason not to add a little purple to your life as far as I can tell. Like you told me, adding some purple to your decor doesn’t scream “PURPLE!!”

      These men of ours are getting more and more surprising in their old age for sure. Howard says he is just getting numb.

  3. Sometimes we need a change. Cannot wait to see it styled in your home. When we bought our Jeep years ago, I choose purple. Terry never understood why! It just made me happy to be different. ?

    1. A purple Jeep!! That would be my dream vehicle for sure. And being different is probably my favorite thing. That’s probably why purple is my favorite color, too.

      So great to see you the other day, thanks for coming in and being so supportive always 🙂