Simply Chic Christmas Buffet…2 Ways!

As you may have read on a previous Facebook or Instagram post, we have A LOT of Christmas goodness coming your way. Yes, that’s two…

As you may have read on a previous Facebook or Instagram post, we have A LOT of Christmas goodness coming your way.

Yes, that’s two different shipments…one delivered to the mill. Another was delivered to my house. This is only one small section of my living room, too. This does not include all of the vintage goodies that we are adding to the mix.

I just couldn’t resist “playing” with some of the treasures in the boxes. As I was pricing my head off, I was visualizing each new arrival in its place once at the mill.

Ultimately, I couldn’t wait…I wanted to see how my ideas looked NOW. I decided to use my own buffet to find out.

Farmhouse Chic Christmas Buffet

Combo number one…To me, this feels very Farmhouse Chic. (Sorry about all of the shadows, I just noticed that). I started with our new pinecone runner. A runner great starting point when decorating your buffet or table. I then added the metal and wood “Merry Christmas” In keeping with just using neutrals, I decided to add interest with texture.

Since the sign is metal and wood, I liked the wood cut-out trees with it. The cream fabric and wood base trees add a fun, new texture to the overall feel. What better way to top off this look than with these flocked pinecone branches??

Boho Chic Buffet Table Design

Now, for look number 2…This is more Boho Chic to me. I just noticed that I forgot to straighten out one of those trees. If you can look beyond that, I think this is also a great combo.

This time I started with our new metallic, cream and red (very washed out red) striped runner. It is trimmed with some very cute tassels.

How do you feel about the new take on the vintage bottle brush? These are made out of wood with a tiny bit of gold thrown in.

Did you notice that I used 5 trees in each arrangement? Remember, odd numbers are best. Metallic gold is the theme of this vignette. A little gold is in the pom-pom garland. I like the bit of pink of every other pom-pom in these with everything else that is going on here. A little gold is in these etched, mercury glass ornaments, too. Notice that I used 3 ornaments?

Like both of these looks? You CAN mix and match, too! Look how awesome these linen pinecone napkins look with the striped runner.

Remember, it’s your house. YOU get to decide what looks good together.

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