Fireplace Makeover – Updating with Paint

I have learned quite a few things while in quarantine. The first thing is, that I learned how to spell quarantine. I don’t think I…

I have learned quite a few things while in quarantine. The first thing is, that I learned how to spell quarantine. I don’t think I have ever had to use the word before now. Here are some of the many things I learned about myself:

1) I have WAY more stuff than I ever realized. I’ve been going through all of my projects…boy do I have A LOT of stuff

2) I need to stop answering “auburn” and start answering, “gray” any time anyone asks me what my natural hair color is.

3) It is NOT a good idea to do every project you have ever wanted to do at the same time.

Plenty of Projects

I am definitely not one of those people who are bored when at home. And, I have not cleaned one. single. thing. Instead, the electrician (aka my hubby) and I have started every project we have ever wanted to do at home. Simultaneously. Our house was built in 1988, and there is golden oak everywhere! Well, there was oak everywhere. We are doing a pretty good job of painting it all white. Our fireplace is actually one project that we have completed.

Our fireplace was also the worst offender of golden oak as you can see pictured here.

Howard trying to make up for refusing to have his picture taken earlier.

My first thought was to paint all of the wood white and hope that it looked “shiplap-ish”. Once that was done, I hated how the marble looked. It really looked “dingy”.

Wise Owl Primer in white covered the marble nicely.

Followed up with One Hour Enamel in white.

I did a few coats and used my sanding block between the coats. What do you think of the results?

I had some very well-used hickory gel stain. I was excited that I had enough to do the mantle. I just wiped it on with a rag.

Once that was all finished, the little gold stripes were glaring at me.

One Hour Enamel in black took care of that.

Decorating The Updated Fireplace Mantel

Now, for the fun part. Decorating. Luckily, I had plenty to choose from at the shop. I wanted a spring look. I also wanted something large to fill that large wall. I love our fern prints.

They have a distressed black frame with burlap matting. Love all the texture. Since it’s such a large space to fill, I used 2 framed prints and a shelf. Again, the shelf has a lot of texture.

I feel like you just can’t go wrong with garland for any season. I think it goes well with the prints. More greenery with the orbs and metal with our distressed urns. Vintage books are definitely one of my favorite ways to add height.

I had a little space between the mantel and the shelf that I wanted to fill. I think that our black dough bowl fits the bill nicely. I needed to balance out the other side. I liked how this bird cloche screamed “Spring”.

Updating the Hearth

Now for the hearth. Who doesn’t love a basket?? What’s not to love? Stylish storage at its finest. And, pillows…I have a bit of an obsession with them. Such a super-easy way to add more texture and change out for the seasons or a new look. I love all things chenille. These taupe pillows are no exception, I love how this throw brings in some green and it goes so well with our pillows.

More metal and height with our galvanized lantern balances out the look and a potted orb brings in a little more greenery and finishes off the look.

Using all of the same ideas, I changed everything out for a simpler, more boho look.

If you have something similar that needs updating, I hope I was able to help!

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