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Oak Bookshelf Makeover

Some of you may have seen my recent video on styling my husband’s office bookshelves. What you may not have seen, is the “before”. Like all of the wood in our 1988 contemporary style home, they were the very popular “golden oak.”

Everything about this room needs a makeover. As we are “staying at home” during this pandemic, Howard’s office IS in the process of a total makeover. Well, as much of a makeover that we can do with no income. Fortunately, I have A LOT of paint. Painting is where we started.

I still had paint leftover from when we painted our living room 7 years ago. The living room walls are painted dark gray with white trim. I decided to do just the opposite in this room. I love a contrast.

I know a lot of people buy special paint, only buy such and such brand of brushes, go through several steps, etc, etc, but I don’t. Call me lazy, call me cheap, call me whatever, but it works.

This is what I used. This, and the can of eggshell, latex wall paint I had. I used the Ace brand. I think you can see the gallon sitting on the bottom shelf in the first picture. I chose this brand because Ace is within walking distance of my house. Oh, and I used a small roller and trim brush. No picture, but they were also from Ace Hardware.

I removed everything from the shelves, cleaned them, then painted them. I let the first coat dry over night. I then took my above pictured sanding block and lightly sanded the shelves. I like the longer, fine block. Grabbed a damp rag, and wiped off all of the dust left behind. Then I did a second coat. Let dry over night, sanded, wiped.

Yes, that’s all that I did. Well, then I added a little more character to them after Howard put his things back on the shelves.

I wish that I would have gotten better “before” pictures for you. Honestly though, it never really occurred to me that this could even be a “how to” blog. When I started telling friends and family that I painted these built ins, I can’t tell you how many people asked how I did it. If you can paint a wall, you can paint anything.

My grandma painted her furniture to match her decor all of the time. Her home was always stunning. This is how she did it. This is how I have been doing it for over 30 years. Although I have decided to start carrying a paint line in our online shop. I came across Wise Owl paint and products and fell in love. I’ve had some friends use it over the years and finally took the plunge. I must say, I’ve never looked back! Linda, who helps with our painting, has been raving about it. She said she’s never used better brushes. I’m always one that thinks, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But Wise Owl has completely changed our painting game for the better! See some of my more recent blogs for more info. You can check out everything we have from them in our online shop right here. Please let us know if you have any questions about the paint, products, or brushes! The One Hour Enamel Paint is great for a project like this and the furniture salve is wonderful for using inside drawers.

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