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Guest Blogger: Kara

Last week my mom took you on a tour of her kitchen – now I’ll take you on a little tour of my kitchen. We thought it would be fun to show you mine, too, since we recently renovated it. Our color scheme is the opposite but mine is also on the smaller side. Actually, our houses are pretty pretty similar. They were both built about the same time and they’re only seven minutes apart. We both have ranches with very similar layouts. My parents moved out of the house I grew up in shortly after I left the nest and then my husband and I ended up (eventually) very close to them.

Here’s what our kitchen looked like when we signed our lives away. I know what you’re thinking: how could we do away with that floor? The good news is, it’s still on the stairs going down to our basement. Thankfully, though, that’s the only place it is. When we moved in, it was all throughout the kitchen, dining room, mudroom, and both of our bathrooms.

We had a couple weeks to get things done before we moved into our house two years ago so we took full advantage. We painted every inch of the house and did away with this dark green in the kitchen and dining room. We did stick with the green family, though, as you can see in this next photo. My mom and I also got to work on the cabinets straight away. We painted them with Rustoleum Flat Black – our go to. We took off the cabinet doors and sprayed them while we rolled (with this) the frames and underneath.

I’m a big fan of some light distressing so that’s what we did here. We grabbed a fine sanding block and sanded the lines and edges. Then to finish things off we used this
steel wool . You want the finest you can get because it just lightly rubs the paint to give it the more natural wood like you want. 

Here’s a better look at the paint and distressing on the cabinets. We chose these handles and pulls for our cabinet doors and drawers. They are oil rubbed bronze – we liked the way they sort of “matched” the distressing on the cabinets.

My husband took the reins on picking out our counter tops. As a Geology major, he was adamant that we purchase granite and his heart was set on this one. I love the way it turned out, too.

We worked with Tile & Stone Works. We were happy with their customer service and huge selection.

My husband and father-in-law installed our subway tile back splash that we purchased from Menard’s. We are big fans of Menard’s in our house. We ended up getting this grout at Lowe’s and the boys really liked working with it.

Our wall color is Sliced Cucumber – the perfect shade of green for a wall, if you ask us. We ended up painting our half bathroom and one of our spare bedrooms that color, too. It’s our favorite color we picked out for the house.
Our granite is called “Arctic White”

For our appliances, we went with black stainless steel. We purchased them through Best Buy and got a great bundle deal. We bought our refrigerator, gas stove, dishwasher, and microwave with this bundle.

My favorite way to clean these appliances has been pretty simple and effective. First I use a Clorox wipe, then wipe them down with a wet cloth, then finish off by drying it.

Well, I think that about does it for my kitchen tour. I’m so glad that we painted the cabinets ourselves but that’s something I never want to do again! Have you painted your kitchen cabinets? It’s a pain in the haunches but definitely worth it.

Oh, our floor. We eventually want to have hardwoods but just went with sheet vinyl for the time being. Super easy to clean and you can’t ruin it. It was very budget friendly and works really well for us right now.


  1. Gina says

    What a great transformation, I wish I would have painted my cabinets instead of replacing them. When you must stick to a budget it brings out the creativity.
    Thanks for sharing your home Kara, I enjoy your blogs.

    • Kara says

      Thank you so much, Gina! I really appreciate that ? The cabinets were in great shape still; I’m glad we kept them, too!

    • Lori says

      Hi Cindy, thank you, and yes! My cupboards (the white kitchen) are formica…yikes! And, I have painted many a laminate-top dressers, etc…rough them up a bit with sandpaper and use a primer. I like Kilz the best. You should be good to go!

  2. Cheryl Maresco says

    This is beautiful. You guys have outdone yourselves. So much talent in your family.
    You make it look easy. I need to kidnap all of you and let you lose in my house. 😉

    • Kara says

      Hi Cheryl! Sorry I missed your comment. Thank you so much for the very sweet words; I (we) appreciate it! And – we’d love to help 😉 although I’m sure your house is beautiful!

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